Include A Charity Week


11 - 17 September 2017

Imagine a world without your favourite charities and all of the good work that they do…

Did you know that a gift left in your will leaves a lasting legacy? Without these legacies our impact would not be as far-reaching and we would struggle to continue our work. That’s why we are one of over 100 charities who are working together as part of the Include a Charity campaign.

Most of our income comes from the generosity of people like you – whether it is through donations, taking part in our events or supporting those who raise money on our behalf. It is a little-known fact, however, that much of our vital income comes from those who leave us a bequest. You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your will – no matter what size the gift, it helps the work live on.

It’s as simple and straightforward as asking your solicitor or legal advisor at the time of writing your will to show you how. Of course, we don’t expect you to do this right away, but we respectfully ask that when the time comes, you make your last wishes something to be remembered.

This Include a Charity Week, we ask you to consider, when the time is right, and you have taken care of your family and friends, to leave a gift in your will that will have a lasting impact and help our work live on. 

Find out more about including a gift in your will to ChildFund Australia here.

If you would like to discuss including a gift in your will to ChildFund Australia, please contact our staff on (02) 8281 3104.