Light up a child’s life this Christmas

Photo: A gift of a solar lamp has been life-changing for Tharin (left), pictured with actress and ChildFund ambassador Danielle Cormack on her recent visit to Cambodia

Photo: A gift of a solar lamp has been life-changing for Tharin (left), pictured with actress and ChildFund ambassador Danielle Cormack on her recent visit to Cambodia

Sydney, Australia, 4 November 2016 – ChildFund Australia ambassador Danielle Cormack is encouraging Australians to brighten a child’s life this Christmas by choosing one of 31 gift ideas from ChildFund’s Gifts for Good website.

Each gift in the catalogue has been selected to meet the needs of children in disadvantaged communities around the world – from a scholarship to keep a child in school, to goats and ducks which provide milk and eggs to improve children’s nutrition and help families earn an income, to health essentials such as water purifiers and mosquito nets to protect children from deadly diseases.

Having visited Cambodia earlier this year, Danielle – a long-time ambassador and child sponsor with ChildFund – has seen firsthand the challenges faced by children living in rural villages without electricity and with limited access to clean water, education and health care.

“I met Tharin earlier this year when I travelled to Cambodia with ChildFund, and went to her tiny village in the remote Kratie province on the Mekong River,” said Danielle. “Like most remote areas in Cambodia, Tharin’s village has no electricity. So when the sun goes down, it becomes very, very dark.

“I found it hard to imagine just how much this affects children like Tharin until I saw it for myself. Without safe, reliable lights, children can’t study after sunset. They can’t go out safely after dark. And they’re forced to rely on dangerous, fire-based lights – which can have tragic consequences.”

For Tharin, a gift of a solar lamp has been absolutely life-changing. Simple to use, and free to recharge, it provides up to five hours of light each night – helping her to study and stay safe after dark.

“I’ve seen for myself how the gifts generously donated by Australians have transformed children’s lives. And how much it will mean to children like Tharin if you choose Gifts for Good for your friends and loved ones this year.” – Danielle Cormack, actress and ChildFund ambassador

Interestingly, the most popular items purchased by Australians year on year are farm animals, with chickens taking the top spot in 2015, followed by goats and ducks.

New items in this year’s Gifts for Good catalogue include emergency kits and shelters, due to the increase in natural disasters and greater awareness in the community of the need to be prepared, while an innovative gift of a fog trap – a simple contraption that enables families to collect fresh drinking water from overnight fog – is helping communities in rural Laos overcome water shortages.

ChildFund Australia CEO Nigel Spence said a charitable gift is an easy way for Australian families to help children living in some of the world’s poorest communities, while bringing added meaning to their own Christmas celebrations.

“Every item donated through Gifts for Good is delivered to a child or family who really needs it. In return, you receive a card that shares the story behind the gift so your loved ones know exactly how it will help change a child’s life,” Mr Spence said.

“As we celebrate with our own families, the true spirit of the holiday season is also about giving back and helping others who are doing it tough. We thank all Australians who choose to support vulnerable children around the world through Gifts for Good.”


Media enquiries: Please contact Jacqui Ooi, Communications Manager at ChildFund Australia, on (02) 8281 3125.