Michelle Pettigrove

Photo: Michelle with Felix and his family in Zambia

Michelle visited Felix, her sponsored child in Zambia, after corresponding with him for over 15 years. Married to fellow ChildFund Ambassador Frankie J Holden, the family is now sponsoring Srey Aun in Cambodia.

Michelle Pettigrove has been acting professionally since 1987 when she graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a degree in performing arts.

She is best known for her regular role as Kate Bryant in the well-loved Australian drama series A Country Practice. She has also made numerous television appearances, including Brides Of Christ, Rafferty's Rules, Home & Away, and Blue Heelers.

Michelle was the host of Funhouse, a popular children's show on cable television. She also played the lead adult role in the ABC children's drama series Silversun. More recently, Michelle has co-hosted two popular travel shows - Holidays for Sale and Discover Downunder.

Michelle is also the founding member and manager of the three-girl singing group The Funky Divas whose versatile talents have been in demand since the group's conception in 1994. The Divas have performed overseas, sold out locally and were nominated for a Mo Award in 2001.

As a seasoned live performer, Michelle's credits include lead roles in Twelfth Night, Midsummer Night's Dream, Threepenny Opera, Under Milkwood, and Currency Lass. She has also played lead roles in the national tours of Seven Little Australians, Love Lemmings and Daylight Saving.

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