Child sponsorship project: Carmel School & Hostels - Jharkhand, India

Child sponsorship project: Carmel School & Hostels - Jharkhand, India

Project location

Jharkhand, India


At ChildFund Australia, our vision is a global community, free from poverty, where children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Carmel School & Hostels, the community partner organization through which the child participates in programs, is located in India’s Jharkhand State.

The Community at a Glance

The operational areas are remotely located and depend on agriculture and forest resources. Most families are marginalized farmers with little land and limited access to water.  These conditions result in meager production of rice and other crops, which barely provide enough subsistence for three months out of the year. For the remaining nine months, the families depend on forest resources. They cut and sell wood and other forest products for their daily needs. Their houses are made of mud walls and thatched roofs, which are made up of wood and tiles and deprive them of light and ventilation.


Healthy and Secure Infants and Young Children

Malaria, diarrhea, and jaundice are the most common diseases in the area. People often die due to the lack of basic health facilities and proper treatment. This organization is working to enhance awareness on different diseases, including malaria, diarrhea and other water-borne diseases, and primary health care. Malaria control committees were formed in each village and they work to ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding areas. Pregnant women and all of the children under 5 years old have been given complete immunization in order to decrease mortality rates. Through capacity building of trained birth attendants, safe and institutional delivery has been promoted. Health sessions have been carried out and kitchen gardens have been promoted to help encourage a balanced diet for all family members. 


Educated and Confident Children

Programs have been conducted in reading improvement, Anganbari (pre-school) quality improvement, life skills, summer camp, child protection and child rights.  Plays and rallies have been carried out to stress the importance of education.  Additional encouragement and help is offered to children who happen to be slow learners or have dropped out of school.  These courses enhance the quality education for children and raise their confidence and leadership qualities. 


Skilled and Involved Youth

The community organization supports families with various initiatives such as small business, small orchard, piggery, agriculture cultivation, seeds and fertilizers.  All of these programs help ensure food security to the families. Lift Irrigation systems are being installed in the communities. Lift Irrigation Managing Committees are then formed in each village and they look after the proper maintenance of the well. Youths are offered vocational training on different subjects including mechanical, electrician and computer applications.  These courses allow the youth to find employment in different fields and support their families.