Child-friendly schools, Sri Lanka

Meena, Sri Lanka

Meena is only 10 years old, but has already but has already survived poverty, war, and years of homelessness.

When she was just a baby, her family was forced to flee their home to escape Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war.

When they returned, the family were devastated to find their home had been destroyed by elephants. They had absolutely nothing.

And even after all these years, part of the roof is still missing, leaving the family exposed to the elements.


Photo: Savrithi, Sri Lanka

“What will happen to my children when we are no longer there? They must not have to struggle the way we have to”
–Savrithi, Meena's mum


The odds are stacked against Meena finishing school.

The poor quality of education in rural Sri Lankan schools often leads to children dropping out completely.

Sadly, it is common for children like Meena, with families that are struggling to make ends meet, to leave school early and find a job or help around the home.

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  • Reading corners to fill young minds with information and spark imaginations.

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