Business & Philanthropy

At ChildFund Australia, we are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from individuals, companies and trusts and foundations. We understand there are many different ways to get involved with our work. We will work with you to determine the best program of support, aligning to your areas of interest or business requirements. Whether you have an interest in a particular sector or country where we work, or are a business looking for ways to support communities where you have operations, we can tailor a partnership to suit your needs.

How your Business can get involved:

Aligning your business to a worthwhile cause can foster team-building, increase staff morale and help you to attract and retain staff. It can also be a strategic way to increase your brand awareness and reputation, and exhibit your commitment to corporate social responsibility. ChildFund is an international NGO with operations in more than 55 countries, and a reputation for quality programs which improve the lives of children. We are able to work with you to create a program which will deliver tangible benefits to not only your business, but the families and children with whom we work.

How can your workplace support vulnerable children?

  • Holding company fundraisers
  • Providing matched donations
  • Running consumer promotions
  • Offering payroll giving

ChildFund Business Supporter

ChildFund is proudly supported by many businesses, big and small, throughout Australia. Some of these businesses chose to support us anonymously while others would like to tell everyone about their support for children and their commitment to ending poverty.

All businesses that support ChildFund through any of our regular giving programs (Child Sponsorship, Global Community or Project Humanity) are invited to register as a ChildFund Business Supporter.

By registering to be part of this group, you will receive a ChildFund Business Supporter registration pack, which includes:

  • An annual logo (date stamped) to use on your website (Available in JPG, TIF and EPS formats)
  • Pre-approved text to use on your website or to communicate with your staff and clients
  • Ideas and tips to leverage your involvement in this group
  • Specific updates related to the ChildFund Business Supporter program

Register your interest and take the first steps to becoming a ChildFund Business Supporter today. Click here.

Company Fundraisers

Fundraising is a real team-building activity - from the ideas generation phase to telling everyone about your achievements. Activities can be as simple as a morning tea, as creative as a talent quest or as energetic as having a team enter a fun run. Everyone can get involved in their own way.

If you’re new to the world of fundraising, click here to read through our Fundraisers Getting Started Kit for ideas and tips. If you already know what you’re doing, view our Fundraisers Tool Kit for more details.

Matched Donations

Many employers will match the donations of their employees. We encourage all employees to approach their Human Resources team to ask if this is something their organisation offers. Your organisation could match your regular donations, such as your child sponsorship or Project Humanity contributions, or even one-off donations such as those made to our appeals or community fundraising events like fun run.

It’s certainly worth asking!

Consumer Promotion

Consumers appreciate businesses that actively support good causes. Why not make your support known to your customers and run a special promotion to donate a portion of sales or profits to ChildFund Australia?

Promotions headlines can be anything like: ‘We’ll donate $0.50 for every $5 you spend’ or ‘Upgrade your purchase to...... and we’ll donate $10’.

Not only are these promotions a great reason for your customers to choose your business but they also provide great stories for your newsletters especially if you set a goal.

Payroll Giving

ChildFund Australia is able to accept regular donations via payroll giving. If your organisation has the facility to offer payroll giving and you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact us today for details.


Philanthropic Support

ChildFund works with individual philanthropists, trusts, foundations and private ancillary funds (PAFs) to deliver programs that address the needs of the most vulnerable children and communities. Our philanthropic partners support a wide range of programs that have positive and lasting impact on lives of children and families around the world. From building schools and providing education resources to building the capacity of health systems in the Pacific, Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are able to tailor a support program that achieves your philanthropic goals.

For further details of how you, your trust or foundation, or your organisation can partner with ChildFund to help children achieve their potential please contact:

ChildFund Australia
1800 023 600