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Water is vital for the survival of people, plants and animals. This generous gift will either construct a water catchment system for use by farmers in India to irrigate their crops and keep animals hydrated, or help construct a community well in Laos, providing safe, clean drinking water to children and families.

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Drinking water from a stream can be dangerous: the water is unclean and children are at risk of drowning. Before two hand-pumped wells were constructed in L’ak village, Cambodia, people had to travel nearly 2km on a difficult road to collect water from the stream. Now, even people living far from the village centre have access to safe water. Siva, a 14-year-old boy, who lives near the well told ChildFund staff: “I like the new pump-well so much. I can drink and clean myself whenever I want, I just go and pump the water. I used to walk a long way to get water from the stream and sometimes the bucket would fall and spill all of the water out before I got home.”

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