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In remote areas, where safe drinking water is difficult to access, these water filters help prevent life-threatening waterborne illnesses. Before she received a filter, Sreymom and her family would drink straight from the open well, picking up nasty bugs in the process. “We rarely get sick like before”.

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In Chhloung district, Cambodia, 60% of households use unsafe water sources (unboiled, creek or open-well water) and only 30% of the population has access to wells. This causes problems such as diarrhoea, fever and general poor health. Thanks to Gifts for Good donors, six-year-old Chenda and her family now have a water filter and as a result, her health has improved. “Before having the water filter, I used to drink water from the creek and regularly got diarrhoea and a fever. Now, I drink clean water from the water filter and my health is better,” Chenda happily told ChildFund staff.

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