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Life in Indonesia

Yusfa is growing up in the outskirts of the Yogyakarta city in the central of Java Island, best known for its urban harbor. He is a playful 5 years old toddler whom everybody loved. He is already in preschool and loves to drawing pictures. Yusfa wants to be a policeman someday. He lives with his parents in a rudimentary dwelling made of plaster. While they have electricity, but they still living in proverty. Even though his parents works hard, reaching the end of the month is a constant struggle. His father makes a living by working as a casual laborer but does not have a stable job and his mother take cares the household chores. The familys income comes to around USD 43.00 per month, which is not enough to cover the familys basic needs. The family always needs an alternative generation of funds whenever it is necessary. Your kind sponsorship can help us fill in this similar gap in the life of the community.

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