Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis, Photo by Depo Photos/ABACA

Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis, Image credit: Depo Photos/ABACA

More than 500,000 people have fled a humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, making the gruelling journey across the border to Bangladesh, in search of safety.

Uprooted from their homes, families have walked for days through jungle and over mountains, while others have made the treacherous journey by sea in wooden fishing boats. They are arriving at overcrowded camps with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Over half the refugees are children, some have arrived at the camps alone, having become separated from family during the journey. They are sick, scared and hungry, many are traumatised and exhausted from the long walk.

Bangladesh is one of South Asia’s poorest nations and ill-equipped to deal with the massive influx. The number of people arriving in the camps is greater than the entire population of Canberra.

The camps are unable to meet the needs of every child, woman and man, and do not have enough food and water. Families are living beneath sheets of plastic, with no access to clean water, toilets or sanitary facilities.

Without emergency aid, thousands of lives are at risk, particularly children who are most vulnerable to disease, exploitation and abuse.


Your donation is needed urgently to deliver critical support to Myanmar people in refugee camps:


Can give a girl a hygiene kit, which includes sanitary towels, soap and clean underwear.


Can help provide a family with clean water and food, including rice, lentils and oil.


Can help build an emergency latrine to provide privacy for women and girls.

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90% of your donation will go directly to helping Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh.

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Your donation will provide emergency food, water, hygiene products and shelter to families in need. Your one-off donation will be directed to the Myanmar-Bangladesh Refugee Crisis appeal. If we exceed our appeal target, any extra funds will be directed to other ChildFund projects. 90% of your donation will go directly to helping Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh. For more information please see our latest annual report.