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Welcome Back!

Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

ChildFund Australia holds itself to account with the communities and children with whom we partner, as well as the many individuals and organisations who support our work.


Our people operate in a privileged position of trust and are often working with children and other community members who are in less powerful and vulnerable situations.


ChildFund Australia recognises the serious obligation it holds to do everything possible to respect and protect the children and adults with whom it works, and is committed to preventing exploitation and abuse of Children and Vulnerable People.


The Child Safeguarding Policy sets out the expectations, systems and processes aimed at preventing all abuse of children, including sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.


The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy outlines the ways in which we seek to prevent sexual exploitation of other people with whom we work, and the actions that will ensue if incidents of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment are identified.


These policies are supported by the Organisational Code of Conduct, which establishes the commitments and behavioural expectations required of all those who are part of the organisation.


ChildFund Australia is also committed to upholding high levels of public accountability and transparency.


We welcome any direct communication regarding our practices. Receiving feedback and responding to complaints are important ways for ChildFund Australia to improve its performance and maintain accountability.


Please get in touch with us using the methods below. You can also download a copy of our Complaints Policy.

Talk to us on:
1800 023 600
or write to us using the form below.

Childfund Contact details

  • 1800 023 600 or +61 2 9264 8333 if you’re outside Australia
  • Level 8, 162 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
  • ChildFund is a signatory to both the Australian Council for International Development’s Code of Conduct, and the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s Principles and Standards of Fundraising Practice. If you believe ChildFund Australia has breached the standards set by these organisations, you can make a complaint directly to:
    Australian Council of International Development or
    Fundraising Institute of Australia
  • If people believe that the actions of any person (or a group of people) working or volunteering for ChildFund do or could constitute Reportable Conduct they should raise the matter through our Anonymous Reporting Mechanism.

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You can make a direct complaint using the form below