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Frequently asked questions

Tax deductible donations are about giving back, to get back. Donating to ChildFund Australia will help children in urgent need of support. You’ll be helping the most vulnerable children across South East Asia and Africa, and you yourself will be able to receive a greater refund on your tax return.

You can claim the full amount of all donations made before June 30th, of any value greater than $2.

You can only claim donations which are monetary gifts, given without promise of something in return. Raffle tickets, charity chocolates, events and other donations of this kind, are not tax deductible.

If the organisation you donated to does not hold a DGR endorsement, in this case your donation is also not tax deductible. ChildFund holds a DGR endorsement, and any donations made to us, are tax deductible.

Tax deductible donations need to be made to a charity or organisation that has a DGR status, like ChildFund Australia.

You can search the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits register to confirm your chosen charity has a DGR endorsement. You will also need to keep your receipt, to prove that your donation is authentic.

All donations made before June 30th, of $2 or more, are tax deductible.