STOP VIOLENCE against women & children in PNG

Papua New Guinea has one of the world’s highest rates of violence against women and children. Appallingly, two out of three women have been beaten by their husbands and often when mothers are assaulted, their children are too. Your donation can help STOP VIOLENCE against women and children in Papua New Guinea.

In Papua New Guinea, women are raped, killed and maimed on a shocking scale. The brutality is severe, often involving bush knives, axes, burning and even biting. Violence is a heartbreaking reality for so many women and children, and currently there are few avenues for help.

For Kay, a young mum of two children, the arguments first started when she got married, and the violence intensified after she gave birth to her first child.

“We started to argue. He started using cords – extension cords – to whip me. He even used bush knives to cut me. He used kitchen knives to stab me on my feet several times, and on my back. He broke my head several times too. My little girl would watch us fight, him whipping me and stabbing me on my back and on my legs… She'd just stand there and stare at us and cry and cry. It’s like a nightmare to her. In the night she doesn’t sleep properly. When she sleeps she’s always calling my name.”

One night, Kay escaped her husband’s violent attack and hid in the bush. When she went home she learned that her husband had found their 5-year-old daughter who was staying with family and he had attacked her too. That is when she knew that she had to leave for the sake of her children.

When we met Kay she was staying at City Mission Haus Ruth, one of the few women's refuges in Papua New Guinea. Her husband had been to the refuge many times, threatening her and the children. "My life is still in danger," she told us. "I just want to get out of here and live somewhere where he won’t bother me and the children again."

Kay is living a nightmare. She's a loving mother who is just trying to look after her children. She is telling her story because she hopes people will hear it and take action.

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By donating to ChildFund's STOP VIOLENCE appeal, you are helping to fund critical medical care and support services for women and children who need immediate help. This means women will have greater access to medical, legal and counselling services within their own communities, including access to a safe house and life skills training.

Your donation will also help prevent violence over the long term. With your support, we will provide community education and training programs for women, men and young people, focusing on respectful relationships, gender equality, conflict resolution, human rights and the legal system.

Please donate today and help STOP VIOLENCE against women and children in Papua New Guinea.

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