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  • Francisco
    11 year old boy from Timor-Leste
    Francisco is a bright young boy who comes from a deserving family. Everyone calls him Sico.
  • Fredrick
    7 year old boy from Zambia
    Fredrick stays with his parents who earn their living through small scale farming.
  • Emiana
    8 year old girl from Indonesia
    Emiana comes from a farming community in a remote area where the temperature is warm.
  • Oktovianus
    9 year old boy from Indonesia
    Oktovianus is a poor boy, living in Nusa Tenggara Timur. His family circumstances are ones of dire poverty and need.
  • Ricardo
    12 year old boy from Timor-Leste
    Ricardo is a young deserving boy who lives with his parents, together with two sisters and two brothers. The family speaks Tetum and Tokodede.
  • Agustinus
    9 year old boy from Indonesia
    Agustinus is a kind and active child in his community. His family and friends usually call him Arian.
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How Sponsorship helps Children

Pie Chart - 80c in every dollar goes directly to helping children in poverty
79c in every dollar goes directly to helping children in poverty

ChildFund Australia works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.


Sponsorship contributions help provide food, healthcare, safe drinking water, education and income generation skills for the child, family and community.

Active community participation and empowerment is encouraged within ChildFund project areas. Although children are at the centre of the locally developed initiatives, the emphasis is on encouraging self-help by providing families and communities with the means to reshape their future.

Writing to your Sponsor Child

"I recently went through all of the letters and photos Sarita has sent me over the years – I am going to take them with me on the trip to show her that I’ve I kept them all."

Lee-Anne Bye, ChildFund Australia sponsor

Writing letters not only strengthens your relationship with your sponsored child and their family, but also keeps you in closer touch with their progress. Writing to your sponsored child will also help to encourage letters from your sponsored child.

ChildFund will send you an introductory postcard and a fun letter-writing kit to help get you started!

Introductory postcard and fun letter-writing kit

Visiting your Sponsor Child

“It has just been the most incredible day, to meet this child who we have only seen in pictures, to interact with Hamad, to see the area where he lives and meet his family."

ChildFund Ambassador, Julie Goodwin

Many sponsors describe visiting their sponsored child and their community as one of the most enriching and memorable experiences of their life. It also provides you with the unique opportunity to see first-hand the enormous difference that your sponsorship contributions are making in your sponsored child’s community.

ChildFund Australia can arrange for you to meet your sponsored child and family in their village. Please email Supporter Relations at or call on 1800 023 600 at least three months ahead of your planned departure date so arrangements can be made. Learn more about visiting your sponsored child.