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  • Trong
    5 year old boy from Vietnam
    Trong lives in one of the poorest provinces in Northern Vietnam where communities are spread through the remote mountainous areas.
  • Lihong
    7 year old boy from Cambodia
    Lihong is in good health and is attending kindergarden. He likes to play football and dreams of being a policeman.
  • Chan Muny
    10 year old boy from Cambodia
    Chan Muny is a shy child. He has one sister. He tries to help the family by cooking. Chan Muny comes from the Chhloung district in Cambodia.
  • Alpha
    2 year old boy from Zambia
    Alpha has one sister and two brothers. He stays with his parents who earn their livelihood through small scale fish trading.
  • Herlinda
    5 year old girl from Indonesia
    Herlinda is a poor little girl, living in West Java province. Ekin is her nickname. She studies in the preschool.
  • Elmer
    3 year old boy from The Philippines
    Elmer Jr. is enrolled in a center-based school. His mother describes him as polite and kind son.
  • Hai
    10 year old boy from Vietnam
    Hai lives in one of the poorest provinces in Northern Vietnam where communities are spread through the remote mountainous areas.
  • Oanh
    1 year old girl from Vietnam
    Oanh is a healthy child. She is living with her parents, her grandparents, great-grandmother and her elder brother.
  • Hiwot
    9 year old girl from Ethiopia
    Hiwot is a bright and healthy eight years old girl from Addis Ababa. She is of Amhara origin and Orthodox Christian.
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How Sponsorship helps Children

Pie Chart - 81c in every dollar goes directly to helping children in poverty
81c in every dollar goes directly to helping children in poverty

ChildFund Australia works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.


Sponsorship contributions help provide food, healthcare, safe drinking water, education and income generation skills for the child, family and community.

Active community participation and empowerment is encouraged within ChildFund project areas. Although children are at the centre of the locally developed initiatives, the emphasis is on encouraging self-help by providing families and communities with the means to reshape their future.

Communicating with your child

"I want to thank my sponsor for all the greetings cards and letters she has sent me. I have learned new things about her family and about the animals there."

Tharun, age 10, Sri Lanka

Child sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to develop a new friendship across the globe. You can begin to get to know your sponsored child, learn more about each other and follow their progress.

Communicating is fun and enjoyable for both of you. It will be a childhood experience they will always cherish. But don’t just take it from us, see what children have to say!

To get started, we will send you a colourful postcard to introduce yourself. Shortly after, we’ll send you a fun activity for your sponsored child, so keep an eye on the post.

Don’t know what to write..? For hints and tips, please click here.

Sarun, Cambodia, proudly showing a card received from her Australian sponsor.

Visiting your Sponsor Child

“It has just been the most incredible day, to meet this child who we have only seen in pictures, to interact with Hamad, to see the area where he lives and meet his family."
ChildFund Ambassador, Julie Goodwin

Many sponsors describe visiting their sponsored child and their community as one of the most enriching and memorable experiences of their life. It also provides you with the unique opportunity to see first-hand the enormous difference that your sponsorship contributions are making in your sponsored child’s community.

ChildFund Australia can arrange for you to meet your sponsored child and family in their village. Please email Supporter Relations at or call on 1800 023 600 at least three months ahead of your planned departure date so arrangements can be made.

Learn more about visiting your sponsored child.