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November 26, 2015
By ChildFund Australia
Refugee children can take shelter in Safe Spaces operated by TDH with support from ChildFund Alliance.

Photo: Refugee children arriving in Eastern Europe can take shelter in Safe Spaces operated by TDH with support from ChildFund Alliance.

ChildFund Alliance is partnering with child-focused humanitarian agency Terre des Hommes (TDH) to provide emergency assistance and protection to refugee families arriving in Eastern Europe, focusing in particular on the needs of women and children.

November 25, 2015
By Jacqui Ooi, Media Manager, ChildFund Australia
Father-of-seven Taina Gebai, pictured with his daughter Margaret, says he wants to see more men in PNG “come to the good side of life” and leave their violent ways behind
These days Taina is very close to his daughter, Margaret. But it has taken years of healing to recover from the violence he once inflicted on his family...
November 20, 2015
By ChildFund Australia
10-year-old Jae from Australia says: "We should be listened to because we have great ideas too, and we have feelings and rights. Kids shouldn't be hurt. No one should be hurt, we should just be nice to each other."
Drugs, alcohol and the internet have been named by Australian children as the top risk factors leading to child abuse, according to a new global survey of almost 6,000 children by international aid group ChildFund Alliance...
November 20, 2015
By Nigel Spence, CEO of ChildFund Australia
CEO Nigel Spence with children in Papua New Guinea
ChildFund Australia CEO Nigel Spence reminds us why Universal Children's Day is such a special and important day...
November 20, 2015
By ChildFund Australia
12-year-old Sitan (centre) from Mali  says: "I would protect children through laws"
Almost 6,000 children from 44 countries have shared their views on safety and protection, including where children are at risk and what adults can do to keep children safe. Find out what children had to say in our annual Small Voices, Big Dreams survey...
November 18, 2015
By Pisey Khun, Communications Officer, ChildFund Cambodia
Photo: 11-year-old Romduol is now safer and healthier, thanks to the construction of a bathroom at her home in Svay Rieng Province
Almost two-thirds of people living in Cambodia's rural communities do not have access to a toilet, which can be particularly challenging for girls. This World Toilet Day, we meet two girls whose lives have been changed by the new bathrooms in their village...
November 16, 2015
By ChildFund Australia, with reporting from ChildFund Timor-Leste and ChildFund International
Photo: Due to ChildFund’s programs, 11 year-old Bernadina now has improved access to clean water and sanitation facilities at school
11-year-old Bernadina lives in the Bobonaro district of Timor-Leste. Find out how ChildFund is supporting students at her school…
November 12, 2015
By ChildFund Australia, with reporting from ChildFund India
Photo: With ChildFund’s assistance, 25 year-old Mahendra has had a change of career, become the first mobile phone repairs mechanic in his village, and developed a sustainable income in order to support his family
By taking part in ChildFund India’s youth training program in South Rajasthan, 25 year-old Mahendra has had a change of career, become the first mobile phone repairs mechanic in his village, and now has a sustainable income as a means to support his family…
November 10, 2015
By ChildFund Australia
ChildFund Australia has launched its new Gifts for Good catalogue, with 25 life-changing gift ideas to help children overcome poverty...
November 6, 2015
By ChildFund Australia, with reporting from ChildFund International and ChildFund Mexico
Photo: Maria Elena has been sponsored for over 20 years. She believes that her sponsor’s letters and encouraging words are a key reason she has managed to excel in education, and become a university graduate!
Maria Elena lives in rural Mexico, and has been sponsored since she was 2 years old. Now 22, she believes that her sponsor’s encouragement through letters has been incredibly important to her achieving success in education and completing university...
November 4, 2015
Reporting by ChildFund Ecuador
Evelin and her daughters
These are words of Evelin, whose life has changed as a result of ChildFund’s Early Childhood Development programs in Ecuador...
October 30, 2015
By Melissa Rhodes-Smith, ChildFund Australia supporter
ChildFund Australia supporters Mel Rhodes-Smith, her dad and their family and friends at the opening of the Pha-En village preschool in Nonghet, Laos
One family's unimaginable loss has brought an outpouring of love and support that will benefit children in Laos for years to come. Read this beautiful account of a very special day...
October 29, 2015
By Natasha Sum, Communications Officer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: ChildFund Australia’s star fundraiser, 7-year-old Lennon Maher, receiving his Fundraiser of the Year award from Nikki Kinloch, JustGiving’s Country Director for Australia
Earlier this year, a young boy from western Sydney dreamed up a big idea to help children overseas… and now the Australian public has voted him Fundraiser of the Year!
October 27, 2015
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: Ashley has a wealth of knowledge on all things sponsorship, having been a Supporter Relations Officer with ChildFund Australia for the past 14 years
Ashley is one of the amazing Supporter Relations Officers at ChildFund Australia! Having been with ChildFund for the past 14 years, she has a wealth of knowledge on all things sponsorship…
October 27, 2015
By ChildFund Myanmar
Photo: In Myanmar, Chee and Jeru’s quality of education has been enhanced – as ChildFund has helped to provide solar powered electricity and necessary stationery to families and children in their village
ChildFund is helping to provide solar-powered electricity to families in rural Myanmar. Find out what a difference this is making to children and their quality of education...
October 20, 2015
By ChildFund Australia, with reporting by ChildFund Philippines
On the morning of 18 October, Typhoon Koppu (known locally as "Lando") made landfall in the Philippines on the east coast of Luzon, the country's biggest island. The second-strongest storm to hit the Philippines this year, Koppu triggered floods and landslides, toppled trees and power lines, and forced more than 100,000 people from their homes...
October 17, 2015
By ChildFund Vietnam
Photo: With ChildFund’s support, mum-of-seven Thao turned a $50 loan into a thriving backyard farming business
On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, read how Thao, a mum from Vietnam, has turned a $50 loan into a thriving family business…
October 16, 2015
By Natasha Sum, Communications Officer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: With the establishment of an insaka in Major’s community, he and his family are benefitting from early childhood programs, agricultural training and nutrition workshops
Six-year-old Major lives in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Within his village, Major’s family are actively involved in their local ‘insaka’ – an early childhood development centre which has been established with the support of ChildFund. This World Food Day, we look at how these insakas are not only supporting young children, but also helping their families lift themselves out of poverty…
October 16, 2015
By ChildFund Australia

Photo: The Australian Aid program has given nearly 1.4 million children in Cambodia the opportunity to attend school.

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development Tanya Plibersek today announced that a Labor government would increase Australia’s aid budget by $30 million, with the increased funding supporting poverty alleviation programs delivered by Australian aid agencies.

October 14, 2015
By Nikita Haritos, ChildFund Indonesia
Dewi and Ricky stand by the chart for recording progress in their home
ChildFund Indonesia works alongside LPM Sriwijaya to provide a parenting program to small communities in Sumatra, Indonesia. Find out why she believes the program has been so helpful and should be available to all mothers in the region...