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May 21, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Australian Aid is support ChildFund education programs in northern Laos, one of the poorest regions of the country due to high unexploded ordance contamination.
ChildFund Australia welcomes Labor’s announcement today that it will reverse the $224m cut made in this year’s budget if it wins the July election...
May 18, 2016
By Christine Ennulat, Staff Writer, ChildFund International
Photo: Oumy and her six children can now access basic health care locally, thanks to the establishment of a ChildFund-supported health hut in their community
Oumy, her six children, and thousands of other families, can now access basic health care locally, thanks to the establishment of ChildFund-supported health huts throughout Senegal…
May 13, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: Eleven-year-old Badal from India (in white) is one of 5,805 children who took part in ChildFund's Small Voices, Big Dreams survey in 2015
Do you know an Australian child aged between 10 and 12 years, who wants to add their voice to the world's largest survey of children's views? Read how they can get involved here...
May 10, 2016
By Josephine Yaga, Communications Officer, ChildFund Papua New Guinea
Photo: Medical scientist Jennifer Banamu (pictured right) tests a new microscope, while ChildFund PNG's Olive Oa looks on
With ChildFund Papua New Guinea donating microscopes to two remote Health Centres in Central Province, diagnosing tuberculosis (TB), improving health and saving lives has been made simpler…
May 4, 2016
By Manasi Kogekar, Program Development Officer, ChildFund Australia – with reporting from ChildFund Vietnam
Photo: Although Niem had learning difficulties, Ms Lich encouraged and supported her to continue her primary schooling
Three years ago, Niem could not read or write properly, despite being in Grade 3, and was struggling to continue her primary school education. However, once she was assigned to Ms Lich’s class, everything changed…
May 3, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
ChildFund has been forced to cut vital aid projects for children and families in Africa, and closer to home in the Asia-Pacific.
ChildFund Australia is deeply disappointed that Australia’s life-saving aid program will fall to its lowest funding levels ever, after Treasurer Scott Morrison failed to reverse a scheduled cut of $224m in handing down his first budget tonight...
April 28, 2016
By ChildFund Myanmar
Photo: Htay, a youth leader for ChildFund Myanmar’s Global Community program, is looking forward to new opportunities in her village
When Htay initially moved from the city, back to the village where she was born, she was concerned about making friends and reintegrating into the local community. However, when ChildFund Myanmar started recruiting youth leaders for their new Global Community program in her area, she knew she had found the solution…
April 27, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Senator Linda Reynolds meets school children in one of Cambodia’s rural provinces, which is being supported by ChildFund Cambodia
ChildFund Australia, as a member of the ReThink Orphanages network, is calling on Australians to think twice about donating to overseas orphanages, and instead consider funding those programs which enable children to grow up in family environments...
April 26, 2016
By ChildFund International
Photo: Ensuring children are well-nourished and healthy throughout their childhood is important for their long-term development
Malnutrition is the largest contributor to the spread of disease worldwide. It also perpetuates the cycle of poverty by preventing people from reaching their full potential. As the cost of malnutrition is high, investing in solutions to ensure proper nutrition for children and families in developing countries can have a huge pay off…
April 21, 2016
By Jacqui Ooi, Social Communications and Media Manager, ChildFund Australia, with reporting from ChildFund in Nepal
10-year-old Anil lost his older brother, Sunil, who perished when their house collapsed during the April 25th earthquake
10-year-old Anil is recovering from the loss of his older brother, Sunil, who perished when their house collapsed during the April 25th earthquake...
April 21, 2016
By Alicia Neil, Communications Volunteer, ChildFund Australia, with reporting by ChildFund in Nepal
9-year-old Binisha is one of 2,404 students who has been able to resume her education at one of ChildFund’s Temporary Learning Spaces in Nepal
One year on from Nepal’s devastating earthquakes, ChildFund is focused on rebuilding schools so that children like 9-year-old Binisha can return to a safe and permanent learning environment...
April 20, 2016
By Educo, a member of the ChildFund Alliance
Photo: ChildFund and Educo support thousands of children in Ecuador and are currently assessing the damage to schools and local communities
Educo, a member of the ChildFund Alliance, is supporting 30,000 children in the city of Guayaquil, who are unable to go to school since the earthquake hit Ecuador...
April 12, 2016
By Rachel Murphy, Community Fundraising Manager, ChildFund Australia
Photo: An amazing team of ChildFund Australia supporters took on Tough Mudder in 2015
Last year, 14 energetic fundraisers completed Tough Mudder around the country to support children in Ethiopia. Their physical strength was tested on the 20km course that was littered with obstacles…
April 11, 2016
By ChildFund Sri Lanka
Photo: Three-year-old Umesha (centre) has been receiving assistance from a ChildFund-supported Community-Based Rehabilitation program in Puttalam, Sri Lanka
Through their Community-Based Rehabilitation project in Puttalam, ChildFund Sri Lanka has been helping families to better care and provide for children living with disabilities. This is the story of three-year-old Umesha, who has made great progress since her family began receiving support from the program...
April 11, 2016
By ChildFund Guatemala
Photo: By supporting ‘Voices Against Sexual Violence’, ChildFund Guatemala is helping people feel more open to talking about violence and abuse
Guatemala has national laws in place to protect women and girls from domestic and sexual violence, but in many villages where ChildFund works, such violence still occurs. To address this, ChildFund is supporting the 'Voices Against Sexual Violence' project...
April 8, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
With proceeds from the MentorMe Auction, women like Thao will receive small business loans, enabling them to invest in agriculture production and build a sustainable livelihood for their families
From rebuilding livelihoods lost in the Nepal earthquakes to providing small business opportunities in remote communities of Sri Lanka and Vietnam, funds raised through ChildFund Australia’s inaugural MentorMe Auction will give a huge boost to children and families living in poverty in our region...
April 7, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: Sharon Claydon MP wrote: “ChildFund, thank you and the remarkable teachers, parents and students for hosting this visit. Terrific work. Lifelong results.”
In January, a group of Australian MPs visited aid projects in Cambodia as part of a special learning tour. Seeing ChildFund Cambodia’s education project in Svay Rieng was a highlight, with the parliamentarians impressed by its innovative nature…
April 5, 2016
By Natasha Sum, Communications Officer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: Students at Torrens Primary School held a Stall Day to raise funds for children in Timor-Leste
By using their strengths and skills, a group of inspiring Aussie kids have made a huge impact on the lives of children in Timor-Leste…
April 5, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: The Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia, He Keaet Chhon, browses the reading materials at Prama Primary School’s new library
On Valentine’s Day, ChildFund Cambodia celebrated the inauguration of a new primary school in rural Kratie Province. The event was attended by Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister He Keaet Chhon, who commended ChildFund for its work…
April 5, 2016
By Alicia Neil, Communications Volunteer, ChildFund Australia
Among more than 60 community members trained as Pass it Back coaches in Vietnam and Laos, Huyen is helping to inspire positive social change for young people through sport
Ten months ago, 27-year-old Huyen’s destiny seemed written in stone – marry young, raise a family and work as a farmer to support them. But now a new world of opportunities has opened up for her, and her daughter, through ChildFund's Pass it Back program...