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August 23, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: 10-year-old Grace, pictured with her mum Lani, is battling tuberculosis for the second time in her life [image credit: Cam Suttie/ChildFund Australia]
Over the past three years, tuberculosis (TB) has killed 9,000 people in Papua New Guinea (PNG), with children accounting for 26 per cent of detected cases, according to a new report released today by ChildFund Australia...
August 18, 2016
By ChildFund Australia and Habitat for Humanity
Veniana, a survivor of Cyclone Winston
This World Humanitarian Day, the scale of human suffering is greater than at any time since the Second World War. Underneath the staggering statistics are real lives and real people - like Veniana from Fiji, who lost her home and feared losing her family, when Cyclone Winston destroyed her village...
August 11, 2016
By Sarah Cannata, communications officer, Campaign for Australian Aid
For the 2,000 children and youth in Laos and Vietnam taking part in ChildFund's Pass it Back program, many of them are not only getting the chance to play and coach organised sport for the first time in their lives, but learning valuable leadership and life skills along the way
Watch and share this great video about ChildFund's Pass It Back program, which is opening up a world of new opportunities for young people in Asia...
August 10, 2016
By Mark Kavenagh, child protection advisor, ChildFund Australia
Children in Australian immigration detention [image credit:]
The ‘Nauru Files’ reported in today’s media present new allegations of widespread and appalling abuse of children in immigration detention on Nauru...
July 28, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Sreymey, age 12 (left), and Sreymon, age 14, show ChildFund ambassador Danielle Cormack their vibrant new reading kits
ChildFund works in some quite remote villages, as ChildFund ambassador and actress Danielle Cormack discovered on her second day in Cambodia's rural Kratie province...
July 26, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
ChildFund ambassador Danielle Cormack spent her first day in Cambodia's rural villages meeting children and families who are benefitting from a range of ChildFund programs
ChildFund ambassador Danielle Cormack had a jam-packed first day seeing ChildFund’s work in action in Cambodia’s rural Kratie province...
July 22, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Senator Linda Reynolds meets school children in one of Cambodia’s rural provinces, which is being supported by ChildFund Cambodia
ChildFund Australia, as a member of the ReThink Orphanages network, is calling on Australians to think twice about donating to overseas orphanages, and instead consider funding those programs which enable children to grow up in family environments...
July 12, 2016
By Natasha Sum, Communications Officer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: Aussie sisters Ayla and Mila have fundraised to provide nutritious food for children in Zambia
After learning that millions of children around the world don’t have enough to eat, Aussie sisters Ayla and Mila came up with a creative plan to provide nutritious food for children in rural Zambia...
July 12, 2016
By Mark Kavenagh, Child Protection Advisor, ChildFund Australia
Photo: Students in Guinea participating in discussion sessions about violence in school, child marriage and female genital mutilation
Violence against children continues to be an endemic problem, shared by every country in the world. Today, we celebrate a significant milestone with the launch of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children...
June 29, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
For a child like 10-year-old Aisha in Uganda, tackling inequity means a fair chance at a healthy start in life, an education and a safe, secure childhood
UNICEF has just released the 2016 State of the World’s Children report, highlighting that the world’s most disadvantaged children are at great risk if urgent action isn't taken to close the gap between rich and poor...
June 24, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Emerging health issues in countries like Papua New Guinea not only impact local children and families but present health risks for Australians
Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has launched the Coalition’s foreign policy agenda, stating that it intends to deliver a “sustainable, effective and affordable aid program that helps developing countries reduce poverty and promote sustainable economic growth”. The policy includes a welcome proposal to establish regional health security partnerships to tackle emerging health issues in our region...
June 23, 2016
By Natasha Sum, Communications Officer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: Michaela (pictured, left) hosted a magical High Tea to support ChildFund’s construction of a preschool in rural Laos
Inspired by the generosity of friends after a devastating family tragedy, Michaela Donovan hosted a magical High Tea Fundraiser to help support their special cause. A few weeks later, she went to rural Laos to visit the preschool that was built in memory of her friends...
June 16, 2016
By Kate Andrews, Staff Writer, ChildFund International
While child mortality rates have fallen significantly in many African countries, children like five-year-old Loveness from Zambia still face significant challenges
On 16 June every year, ChildFund recognises the Day of the African Child. Across the African continent, children and adults mark this day with songs, skits and presentations to call attention to children’s rights. Despite these celebratory festivities, the Day of the African Child marks a tragic anniversary...
June 15, 2016
By ChildFund Zambia
Photo: Youth from Chongwe village in Zambia have established a banana plantation to create job opportunities within their community
Read how youth from a Zambian village successfully grew more than 1,500 banana trees, and provided a huge employment boost to their community...
June 14, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Photo: The Australian Aid program in Vietnam is focused on promoting economic empowerment for women, particularly those living in poor, ethnic minority communities.
Today’s announcement by The Australian Greens that it will increase overseas aid to 0.7 percent over the next decade, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, has been welcomed by ChildFund Australia...
June 10, 2016
By Alicia Neil, Communications Volunteer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: Sokhom was forced to leave school early to find a full-time job to support his family
Too many children experience a childhood where education ends too early, and work begins to soon. This World Day Against Child Labour, read how Sokhom from Cambodia was forced to leave school at just 13 years old, to find a job to help support his family…
June 9, 2016
By Alicia Neil, Communications Volunteer, ChildFund Australia
Photo: When 13-year-old Phhoung's parents migrated to the city for work, she became sole carer for her two siblings, leaving school and selling cow dung to make ends meet
In places like Cambodia, too many children endure a childhood scarred by poverty. Phhoung was only 10 years old when her parents made the decision to migrate to the city to find work. Since then, she has dropped out of school to care for her younger siblings…
June 1, 2016
By ChildFund Cambodia, Save the Children and World Vision
Community-based child protection systems must be strengthened to end violence against children in Cambodia.
Children comprise a large segment of Cambodia’s population with 35% below the age of 15; regrettably, violence against Cambodia’s children is still high and has immense consequences for them and for Cambodia as a whole...
May 29, 2016
By Mark Kavenagh, Child Protection Advisor, ChildFund Australia
ChildFund believes it is vital that children grow up with the love and care of family members, like Pech, age 8, in Cambodia
ChildFund Australia's Child Protection Advisor, Mark Kavenagh, explains why institutional care should always be a last resort, for children anywhere in the world...
May 21, 2016
By ChildFund Australia
Australian Aid is support ChildFund education programs in northern Laos, one of the poorest regions of the country due to high unexploded ordance contamination.
ChildFund Australia welcomes Labor’s announcement today that it will reverse the $224m cut made in this year’s budget if it wins the July election...