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May 15, 2017
Photo: Jake Lyell is a photojournalist and visual storyteller who focuses on communicating the human experience
In Africa to cover the ongoing food crisis, photojournalist Jake Lyell recounts his experience of travelling to ChildFund-supported communities in northern Kenya to document the impact on children and families…
April 3, 2017
Photo: Dibo and her daughter Roba in Turkana County, one of Kenya's most drought-affected areas
Unprecedented drought conditions in north and eastern Africa have resulted in the worst food crisis the region has seen in decades. South Sudan has already declared a state of famine; and Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen are in the midst of severe food shortages. Now, Kenya is also struggling with an impending disaster...
November 8, 2016
Photo: Last year, Mandy Eagle from Sydney journeyed across southern Kenya to meet three of her sponsored children face-to-face – including 16-year-old Seleyian (right), who she has sponsored since 2004
Mandy Eagle was in a small shopping centre in Melbourne in 2004 when she saw an interesting stall. Filled with photographs of children from across the world and ChildFund banners, she walked closer…
October 1, 2016

Photo: Twambo and her mother Evelyn

Twambo and her mother Evelyn from Zambia raise free range chickens. The family has on average of 20 hens plus chicks and roosters and they sell eggs at the local market $0.12 each. Once they have passed their productive age, the chickens are also sold. The family’s health has also improved, as the constant supply of eggs enhances their nutrition levels. 

February 20, 2015
ChildFund Kenya's art exhibition gives children the opportunity to show their surroundings in one of Africa's most populated cities
Ever wondered what life is like for children living in the slums of one of Africa’s most populated cities? These kids can show you.