Child sponsorship project: Isiolo Development Project - Nairobi, Kenya

Child sponsorship project: Isiolo Development Project - Nairobi, Kenya

Project location

Nairobi, Kenya


At ChildFund Australia, our vision is a global community, free from poverty, where children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

The Isiolo Development Project, the community organization through which the child receives the benefits of sponsorship, is located north of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city.

The Community at a Glance

Most residents in this assisted community are from the Borana, Turkana, Somali and Meru ethnic groups. People depend on livestock for their sustenance, but prolonged droughts and poverty make it hard for residents to replenish their herds. With little to no job skills, residents must rely on low-paying manual jobs with which to support their families. Families live in semi-permanent homes built of timber and iron sheeting. 

Health Services

Children age 12 and younger receive immunizations, de-worming treatments. Education on preventive measures is provided to families on a regular basis. The growth monitoring process is undertaken on a quarterly basis where children’s BMI (body mass index) is taken and children who are found to be malnourished are put on nutritional supplements. They are also referred to the nutrition department in the ministry of health for more counseling and related support. Training is also undertaken on topics like oral rehydration therapy, acute respiratory infections, malaria control and family planning. 

To create a healthier environment, the community organization provides access to safe water by rehabilitating and sinking boreholes. So far, more than 6000 households have benefited from water intervention that helps families improve their hygiene. Mosquito nets are provided to decrease the spread of malaria. Families are also provided with training on farming techniques to enhance food security.

Education Services

The Isiolo Development Project also works to provide a basic education for all children within the community. The community organization promotes Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCD) services to prepare children for formal schooling. Through collaborations with other agencies, the community organization has constructed classrooms and workshops. In addition, the Isiolo Development Project funds the school feeding program and maintenance fees. Water storage tanks and toilets are constructed for community schools so children have access to clean, sanitary water services.

Bursaries are awarded to students who continue on to secondary school and even for vocational training for those who cannot or do not wish to continue their formal schooling.

Family Livelihood Services

Through this recent undertaking, the community organization helps families form groups to run small businesses. This will help the parents become self-reliant. In addition, local staff members and volunteers link these groups to financial institutions to provide residents with more funding options.