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ChildFund 20 Challenge

As part of this challenge, you will be asked to set up a ChildFund Choose Your Challenge 2020 Fundraiser on Facebook for ChildFund Australia. This is the best place to post photos or videos of your performances on a regular basis. These pages are linked to ChildFund Australia and we’ll be able to see your progress.

    1. Visit
    2. Click on “Select Charity”
    3. In the Search box, type CHILDFUND AUSTRALIA
    5. Your Fundraiser page should open automatically, it should be called by default “Your Name’s fundraiser for CHILDFUND AUSTRALIA”
    6. On the left hand-side, fill in all the required details, like How much money do you want to raise? What’s the title of your fundraiser? (please change it to “Your Name’s Choose Your Challenge 2020” so we can easily find you), etc. Make sure the fundraiser end date is set to 1 November 2020.
    7. To the question “Why are you raising money?” you can amend the first paragraph of the fundraiser description to your liking. Here’s an example: “Want to join me in supporting a great cause? This October <I’m running 20km a day/reading 20 books to my kids/cooking 20 new meals> in the ChildFund Choose Your Challenge 2020 to raise money for CHILDFUND AUSTRALIA. Your contribution will help vulnerable children in our global neighbourhood whose lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19. Thank you for your support. #ChildFund2020 #ChildFundAustralia”
    8. Click on the button “Create” and you’re all set!

Yes of course! We know not everyone is on social media. If you would like to take part but don’t have access to Facebook, contact Amelie on 02 8281 3139 or and she will be able to help.

Once you have joined the Facebook Group you will find a link to register your personal ChildFund 2020 Challenge. This will take you to a short form. Once you have completed this form, our team will be in touch by phone or email.

Facebook Fundraisers are the easiest way for you to fundraise. It makes fundraising from home simple! The funds raised are lodged directly into our bank account and there are no fees involved. If you can’t setup a Facebook Fundraiser, please contact Amelie on 02 8281 3139 or

If you have set up a Facebook Fundraiser then the raised funds will be sent directly to ChildFund Australia. If you have raised money elsewhere you can pay it directly into ChildFund Australia’s bank account (please send us an email to before to let us know):

ChildFund Australia, Westpac Bank, BSB: 032-013, Account: 250910

Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds through Facebook but people can request a refund themselves from Facebook by clicking on the following link and following the steps:

At least you tried! You can be proud of yourself by taking up this challenge and raising awareness and money for vulnerable children in developing communities. Thank you!