Our Green Commitment

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Our green commitment

At ChildFund Australia, we are committed to reduce our impact on the environment.

In 2021, ChildFund Australia conducted a Green Audit performed by 180 Degrees Consulting to assess the environmental impact of our activities and receive recommendations on how to reduce it.

All recommendations were put into action, including reducing our CO2 emissions & waste, increasing awareness amongst staff & stakeholders, and offsetting all our carbon emissions through a partnership with Greenfleet.

Greenfleet offsets support local Australian native reforestation projects with strong environmental and biodiversity outcomes. Our carbon offset contributes directly to future carbon sequestration projects and ensures our organisation is leading the way on climate action.

Last year, ChildFund Australian offset 384 tonnes of CO2 with Greenfleet.

You too can take real climate action, visit www.greenfleet.org.au to get started.

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