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ChildFund Australia is thrilled to announce award-winning actress and long-time child sponsor Danielle Cormack as its newest ambassador.

September 22, 2014

Wentworth star Danielle Cormack takes on new role as ambassador for ChildFund Australia

Sydney, Australia, 23 September 2014: ChildFund Australia is thrilled to announce award-winning actress and long-time child sponsor Danielle Cormack as its newest ambassador.

Danielle – who has been a sponsor with ChildFund for almost a decade – became an ambassador for ChildFund in her home country of New Zealand four years ago. Following her move across the shores, Danielle will now be representing ChildFund in Australia as well.

Danielle said: “As an ambassador, I’ve travelled to Vietnam to visit some of the communities supported by ChildFund and meet the children and families benefiting from their work. I witnessed firsthand the way ChildFund forms relationships with the local people, listening to their needs and then working together with them to establish sustainable projects that meet those needs. The support is respectful, empowering the children and the community as a whole. It’s that community-led approach that undoubtedly makes a tangible difference in children’s lives.”

Danielle has been sponsoring Akullu, a young woman in Uganda, for almost 10 years and hopes to visit her before she graduates from the sponsorship program.

Danielle said: “I’ve been sponsoring Akullu since she was six years old – she’s now 16! It’s been wonderful to see her grow and develop into a young woman through her letters and photos. I know she’ll be leaving the sponsorship program in the next few years so I’m planning to travel to Uganda to meet her and her family in person before then.”

In her role as ChildFund ambassador, Danielle wants to connect more Australians with issues for children in developing countries, and improve their understanding of how organisations like ChildFund, with the support of everyday Australians, make a real difference for children living in extreme poverty around the world.

“I have a strong interest in child protection and women’s rights,” said Danielle. “The extreme violence faced by women and children in Papua New Guinea is something I am really concerned about, particularly given it is happening so close to our shores. ChildFund is doing some tremendous work in this area so I look forward to learning more about this by spending some time in PNG down the track.”

ChildFund Australia CEO Nigel Spence said: “We are fortunate to have someone as passionate and engaged as Danielle as a ChildFund ambassador. Danielle has been a long-time supporter of ChildFund and her genuine compassion and ability to communicate with the Australian public means she will be able to help raise awareness about some very serious issues for children, particularly in our region but also further afield.

“Having already visited our work in Vietnam, and been a sponsor with ChildFund for almost 10 years, she has an excellent understanding of how poverty affects children and how every one of us can make a positive impact in the life of a child and their community.”

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