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When you become a Project Humanity Partner you will be part of a group of people who are committed to ensuring ChildFund has the resources it needs to provide help when and where it is most in need.

There are far too many children in need of help right now. They are at risk from exploitation, from hunger, from a lack of education, and from natural disasters. 

These threats cannot always be predicted. That’s why it is vital that the resources are available to protect children from emergency situations, and to invest in their futures so they no longer have to live in fear, in hunger, or at constant risk of harm.

Provide safety and support to a child at risk.

A monthly donation of just $25 can bring vital safety and support to a child at risk.


Where do my donations go?

Rapid emergency response
Emergency food programs
Clean water
Emergency shelters
Qualified teachers and facilitators
Child Centred Spaces

No one is more vulnerable than a child.. Every child has rights and needs that must be protected and upheld. When you become a Project Humanity Partner, you will provide care and support for children in crisis – no matter where in the world they might be.

Every child needs safety, support and an education. Every child should have a future. Because every child needs a childhood.


Please join Project Humanity today.

45,000 KG
items - rice, lentils and salt - were distributed to more than 12,000 people after the devastating earthquake in Nepal. This was only possible thanks to Project Humanity Partners.
Please join Project Humanity today