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Gifts in Wills

Leave A Legacy Gift in Your Will

“Whatever your priorities in life, so should they be in death,” says Josephine Lewis, ChildFund Australia supporter and bequestor.

Why Leave a Legacy Gift To Children In Need?

Why Leave a Legacy Gift To Children In Need?

Why Leave a Legacy Gift To Children In Need?

Including a legacy gift to ChildFund Australia in your will, no matter how big or small, can provide children living in poverty, and generations to come, with life essentials such as nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, education and more.

When the time is right for you and after taking care of your loved ones, we ask that you consider leaving a gift to ChildFund Australia in your will.

A gift left in your will can continue the sponsorship of your child for future years, or be earmarked for general purposes, which means that the project or situation that is most in need will receive your funding.

Donating a gift in your will honours you, or someone close to you, for generations to come.

To speak with someone from our Gifts in Wills team, contact:
or +61 2 8281 3104

Gifts in wills may include:

  • Residuary of an estate
  • A percentage of an estate
  • A specific sum of money
  • A particular asset such as real estate, works of art or shares

How a Gift In Your Will Can Help Children Around The World

How a Gift In Your Will Can Help Children Around The World

Your gift could provide a child with:

Nutritious Food: Our projects in Africa focus on delivering essential supplies to fight child hunger and malnutrition.

Clean water: Many rural villages in Southeast Asia do not have access to clean water or sanitation. Your gift can provide the children in these villages with a well to drink from, wash and clean.

Healthcare: In Papua New Guinea there are mothers who give birth in unsafe conditions. Your gift can go towards birth kits and training for medical staff to improve the quality of healthcare in rural areas.

Education: Gender-inequality, poverty and crisis have prevented many children from enjoying the education they deserve. Leave a legacy gift to send these children to school, so that we can break the cycle of poverty in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Safety: When an emergency crisis strikes, such as a natural disaster or civil war, young children are the most vulnerable, often separated from their families. Your gift could provide safe areas for children to play, continue their education and wait to be reunited with their families.

Leave a lasting legacy that will honour your or your loved ones memory, and improve the livelihoods of children in need.


Donating a legacy gift in your will isn’t a donation to ChildFund Australia. It’s a gift to the millions of children in poverty that we support around the world, and their communities.

Your gift will leave a lasting legacy to improve the livelihoods of children in need and their families.

When you leave a legacy in your will, you are giving children who have been deprived of their childhood, back what is rightfully theirs.


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Are you a ChildFund supporter?

Frequently asked questions

Leaving a gift in your Will to ChildFund Australia is one of the most thoughtful ways to support the community through a gift for the future. Your gift shows forethought, planning and community commitment. If you let us know that you have left ChildFund a gift in your will, it allows us to properly prepare to receive it, and to plan for the future.

If you decide to leave a gift in your Will to ChildFund Australia, please let us know so we can express our appreciation, record your planned gift, keep you up to date with ChildFund’s work and involve you and your family in relevant special events throughout the year.

If you have already drafted your Will, you can make an amendment by adding a codicil to include a gift in your will. We recommend you seek independent professional advice to ensure that your wishes are expressed correctly.

ChildFund is honoured to have the trust and support of wonderful friends who have confirmed their intentions to make gift in will to ensure every child has a childhood. Every gifts in wills, no matter how small or large, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Yes, providing that your gift in will brings no material or tangible benefits to you under the rules specified by the Australian Taxation Office

ChildFund is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Monetary or other gifts to ChildFund are generally allowable for deductions for Australian income tax purposes. Donors should, however, seek independent advice from their legal and/or taxation advisor. There are no administrative charges deducted from gifts.

Gifts in wills can be made without a designated purpose so that they assist with the ChildFund’ priorities at the time. This allows greater flexibility and a way for ChildFund to meet future needs.

General or unrestricted gifts in wills are those which allow ChildFund to apply the funds to areas of greatest need at the time the gift is received. Unrestricted gifts in wills are especially valuable, as they provide flexibility so that the organisation can respond to changing needs and priorities.

It is often beneficial for a benefactor to have a personal discussion with ChildFund’s Gifts in Wills Executive about a bequest intention to ensure that, in due course, ChildFund will be able to apply the gift in will according to the benefactor’s wishes.