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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Include a gift in your Will to help ensure every child has the childhood they deserve.

About Gifts in Wills

Every gift in Will, no matter how big or small, is a step closer to ChildFund’s vision of a world without poverty where all children and young people can say:
“I am safe. I am educated. I contribute. I have a future”.


Why others leave a gift in their Will to ChildFund

“Leaving a bequest to ChildFund has been important to me. I know it will be used wisely. ChildFund is aware of where the poverty is and where the difficulties are and will allocate the money according to the need.” 

Maria – ChildFund Supporter 


How to leave a gift in your Will 

heart-iconStep 1. Talk it over with your family and loved ones

This is a personal decision for you to make but we recommend letting your loved ones know that you are planning to also leave a gift to ChildFund Australia.

heart-iconStep 2. Decide what kind of gift to leave
      • A residual gift – the most effective gift that you can leave. Nominate a portion or percentage of your estate that you think is right – while still providing for your loved ones.
      • A specific amount – this will not change or grow over time unless the Will is updated.
      • An Asset – Please ensure that these are clearly described in the Will.
heart-iconStep 3. Get the professional help of an Estate Planner or Legal Practitioner

Your Will is an important legal document, and a solicitor or public trustee can help you ensure that your paperwork is in order.

Download our Gifts in Wills Booklet & Guide for more information on including a gift to ChildFund Australia. Alternatively, you can request a copy of our Gifts in Wills booklet and guide by emailing

You can use Willed online Wills Service. Click here to find out more about how to Write your Will with Willed.

heart-iconStep 4. Make your Will

If your financial and personal situation is not complex, you may wish to prepare a legal online Will with Willed, an Australian based company.

Step 5. And that’s it!

Once your paperwork is in order, you can trust that you will be making a lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children for generations to come.

If you choose to leave a gift in your Will, please let ChildFund know so that we can thank you.   

We would like to invite you to be included as a member of the ChildFund Australia Legacy Partners – our special group of supporters that have chosen to leave a gift in their Will to help children and young people living in poverty throughout the world.


Write your Will with Willed

ChildFund Australia is pleased to announce it has teamed up with Willed – Australia’s leading online Will-writing platform- to provide our supporters the opportunity to write their own legal Will.

You can receive a 20% discount off Willed’s regular price.


ChildFund Australia Legacy Partners

ChildFund Australia Legacy Partners is a special group of humanitarians who, like you, have chosen to leave a gift to ChildFund in their Will to help fund life-changing programs for children and young people in need.

In celebration of their giving, our Legacy Partners receive a lifetime of recognition and acknowledgment.

Members enjoy invitations to special events and personal updates on how their generosity will have impact for future generations of children.

Wording for your will

ChildFund recommends using the following wording:
Residuary Gift

“I . . . . . . . . . . . . bequeath to ChildFund Australia (ABN 79 002 885 761) registered office Level 8, 162 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 [insert the percentage or portion of the residue] of my estate. My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of ChildFund Australia. I declare that the receipt of an executive officer at the time shall be a sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.”

Or Specific Gift or Legacy

“I . . . . . . . . . . . . give to ChildFund Australia (ABN 79 002 885 761) registered office Level 8, 162 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 the sum of [insert the amount or describe the article in detail] of my estate. My bequest is to be used for the general purposes of ChildFund Australia. I declare that the receipt of an executive officer at the time shall be a sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.”

Administering an Estate?

Have you been asked to administer an estate that includes a gift to ChildFund Australia?

For a confidential chat, please contact Martin Shields, Bequest Executive on (02) 8281 3117 or by email.

Frequently asked questions

If you make a gift provision in your Will to ChildFund Australia, you are giving a designated financial amount or percentage of your estate, in cash, property, securities or other assets, to help fund programs that ensure children in need around the world have a childhood. Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will is often called a bequest.

We have included recommended wording for your Will that you can find on the Gifts in Wills page. We advise that you take this as the basis of a discussion with your loved ones, solicitor or public trustee. We appreciate that you may have particular interests you would like to discuss that may influence the wording so please get in touch. Our Philanthropy & Planned Giving Executive welcomes your obligation-free enquiries. All discussions will be confidential.

Leaving a gift in your Will to ChildFund Australia is one of the most thoughtful ways to support vulnerable communities into the future. Your gift shows foresight and commitment, but we understand it can be a private matter. If you do let us know about your gift, we can properly prepare to receive it, and plan ahead. We would also love to express our appreciation, keep you up to date with our work and invite you and your family to relevant special events.

ChildFund Australia is honoured to have the trust and support of people like you. Every gift, no matter how small or large, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

ChildFund Australia is registered as a Deductible gift Recipient. Provided that your gift brings no material or tangible benefits to you under the rules specified by the Australian Taxation Office, monetary or other gifts to ChildFund Australia are generally allowable for deductions for Australian income tax purposes. Donors should, however, seek independent advice from their legal and/or taxation advisor.

To get in touch with our friendly gifts in Wills team,
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