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Aussie icon’s charity transformation

It is a sound every Australian knows, the putter of a postie bike making its way from letterbox to letterbox.

Whether it is travelling down a dusty country road or a darting through city traffic, the postie bike is always up for the task.

ChildFund is helping the postie bike make a transformation from humble Aussie battler to poverty-battling beacon of joy for children in Cambodia.

Delivering food, clean water, life-saving vaccinations, books and more to kids and families living in some of the world’s poorest and most remote villages, the postie bike changes lives for the better.

Few people realise that when you get off the tourist trail in Cambodia, there are villages completely unreachable by car. The postie bike can negotiate narrow suspension bridges, flooded roads and dirt tracks.

It’s a bike that delivers joy and a gift that will change lives for years to come. Without the reliable postie, many children and families would be without basic necessities; not only at Christmas, but year-round. That’s why it’s the Charity Gift of the Year.

See how postie bikes are delivering joy in Cambodia

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