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Riding toward a dream in Sri Lanka

There was a time when an impatient Piyumi, waiting for her father to take her to school, was a regular sight. Her teacher often scolded her for being late.

Her long trek from home to school was more than 3km each way, which she would do on foot unless she could catch a ride on her father`s bicycle. Some days she stayed home because it was just too difficult to get to school.

But today, she no longer has to catch a ride with her father or walk the long route to school because 11-year-old Piyumi now has her own bike, thanks to a generous ChildFund supporter!

Piyumi has been a part of ChildFund`s sponsorship program for the past five years. She is also a gifted student. Last year, she sat for Sri Lanka`s Year 5 scholarship exam and passed with high marks, making her family and school very proud.

So, along with the bicycle, Piyumi also received school materials, a school bag and shoes through ChildFund Sri Lanka, to recognise her hard work and achievements.

“Some days, I used to have to wait untill my father finished his work to come to school,” Piyumi says. “But now as soon as I get ready, I can come to school on my own. My brother also likes my new bicycle. Sometimes he rides with me too.”

Piyumi`s parents are glad she can now get to school safely and easily every day. “I feel better knowing that Piyumi is now on a bike for the journey back home,” her mother says. “I feel that she is safer.”

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