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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Please give to help children in Ukraine now.

Children and families throughout Ukraine are either fleeing, hiding, or worse after Russia attacked the country from three sides early on February 24. This invasion is the latest in an ongoing conflict that has killed thousands of people since 2014, and U.S. officials have estimated that a large-scale attack like this one could cost an additional 50,000 lives and displace up to 5 million people. Imagine being a child swept up in this crisis.

You can help: ChildFund Australia’s partner organisations have worked in Ukraine for many years and are acting quickly to provide emergency aid to children and their families. Your support will help deliver relief as the crisis unfolds.

Every child has the right to be safe. Every child has the right to learn.

80 orphans and 5 teachers from Eastern Ukraine have made their way to the border city of Lviv and taken refuge. The teachers, along with local volunteers, have a range of educational activities for the children to help distract from the war as well as provide stability.

(Images: Kira Dzhafarova/ChildFund Deutschland, Giovanni Diffidenti/WeWorld)

ChildFund Australia is proud to be a founding member of the Emergency Action Alliance. The Emergency Action Alliance (EAA) is a simple and effective way for Australian donors to help in an international humanitarian emergency. The EAA is made up of 15 Australian-based member charities who are experts in humanitarian aid and specialise in different areas of disaster response. By combining the expertise of the 15 members, the EAA can focus the desire of Australian donors to help into a targeted response to an international emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    If you’re filing your tax return for the first time, have never claimed donations or donated at all, you’re probably wanting to know more about how you can claim donations to charity on your taxes. We’ve answered some of the most important questions about tax deductible donations below.

    Tax deductible donations are about giving back, to get back. Donating to ChildFund Australia will help children in urgent need of support. You’ll be helping the most vulnerable children across South East Asia and Africa, and you yourself will be able to receive a greater refund on your tax return.

    You can submit any tax deductible donation over $2 as part of your tax return.

    You can only claim for donations which are monetary gifts, given without the promise of something in return. Raffle tickets, charity chocolates, events and other donations of this kind, are not tax deductible.

    At ChildFund, all regular giving donations over $2 are tax deductible including child sponsorship, community sponsorship and donations to appeals. A few donation categories are not tax deductible, for example, birthday gifts to your sponsored child and are not included on your annual tax receipt.