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No kidding, this gift changes lives. This goat will provide delicious healthy milk to give children in Zambia or Kenya a nutritious boost. Plus, it is easy to keep, can tolerate droughts, and offspring can be sold to pay for school fees, school uniforms and books.

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The gift of a goat is helping Zambian farmer Kennedy keep his grandson in school. Kennedy received a goat from a Gifts for Good donor and, with training from ChildFund Zambia, turned this initial investment into a small herd. When his grandson finishes primary school, Kennedy will sell a goat to pay for his school fees. Chola, ChildFund Zambia’s Sponsors Relations Manager said: “The goat program is one of our most successful programs”. As part of the program, a baby goat is passed to a neighbouring family, which sustains and expands the program.

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