Five ways a simple gift can make a difference

This year, you can give more than presents.

You can choose a gift that brings lasting joy.

When you buy a present from Gifts for Good, you won’t just bring a smile to the faces of your family and friends.

Your generosity will travel far and wide, responding to the real and changing needs of children from Timor-Leste to Zambia.

Whether you choose a goat or a bike, you are giving children and their families the practical resources they need for a healthier, safer and stronger future.

When it comes to giving, it really is the thought that counts.

Spread joy this year with a gift that lasts a lifetime. Here are five ways a simple gift can make a world of difference.

A dozen chicks ($27)

Xuan in Vietnam is an example of the major difference chickens can make in a familiy’s life. Xuan made the most of the chicks and the training she received, and now has more than 200 chickens that provide nutritious eggs for her children and income to help the family.

“With the money earned, we can pay for our children’s schooling and invest in longer-term agricultural activities,” she says.

This initial gift will keep growing for years to come.

Change a life like Xuan’s this Christmas

School Kit ($50)


Bring joy to a child like Aung

Gifts for Good

The school kit 10-year-old Aung received in Myanmar makes a difference every day of his life.

“I was very happy to receive this school kit,” Aung says with a smile on his face. “I couldn’t wait to go to school.”

Aung’s school kit included pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, pencil case and exercise books.

“Going to school is better for me now,” he says.

Not only does a school kit bring Aung joy, it will help him reach his potential in school.

Bring joy to a child like Aung

Sporting Equipment ($86)


Spread joy to a children like Han

Gifts for Good

“Sports equipment can help develop and strengthen children’s minds,” says Daw, a headmistress from one of the remote schools in Myanmar which has received sporting equipment.

Before Gifts for Good donors helped her students, her school had no sports equipment.

“The only activity was learning in the classroom,” Daw says. “The children got really bored.

“After receiving the sports kits, we set times for the children to learn and play.

“The children are now more enthusiastic about learning.”

Now, students like Han (pictured) can enjoy playing with footballs, skipping ropes, badminton sets and traditional cane balls (called chinlone).

“I like playing chinlone the best,” he says.

Spread joy to a children like Han

Pig ($120)


Help a family like Thoa’s this Christmas

Gifts for Good

Everyone loves piglets! Especially people like Thao in Vietnam. Thao has received pigs and livestock training, which she is using to help provide for her seven children.

A healthy sow can produce two litters a year. When Thoa’s pigs have piglets, she plans to sell half at the market, where they can fetch a good price.

“By doing this, we have money to keep the business running in the long term,” Thao explains.

Thao adds that by investing in backyard farming, she no longer needs to worry about providing food for her family, as the family’s income has increased.

“Every year, it costs me around VND 6,000,000 ($370) to pay for the children`s school fees, but it is no longer a struggle to pay this amount,” she says.

“I hope to continue to support my girls throughout their education, as by doing this, I believe they can live a better life than we do today.”

Help a family like Thoa’s this Christmas

Bike and Helmet ($146)


Give the gift of a bike

Gifts for Good

Over the last 10 years ChildFund donors have provided more than 6,000 bikes to Cambodian children like 14-year-old Sreypov and her nine-year-old sister Sreypey.

“Before we got these bikes, we had to walk 3.5km to school,” Sreypov said. “In summer it was very hot and I got very tired walking. Sometimes, my feet would bleed because I stepped on thorns or broken pieces of glass.”

Bikes make it easier and safer for Sreypov, Sreypey and children in rural Cambodia to get to school, making them less likely to miss class.

School administrators have noticed increases in attendance in places where ChildFund distributes bikes, making these gifts fun and beneficial.

Give the gift of a bike

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