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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

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With this gift, children can be ready to brrrr-ave the cold nights in winter. This bundle includes two mattresses, blankets and pillows so children can sleep soundly, as well as a pair of mosquito nets to keep them safe from malaria. 

Most In Need

Handwashing can slow the spread of infectious diseases. But children in many communities lack access to clean water or soap for washing. Your gift of 20 handwashing stations could help keep hundreds of children safe and encourage lifelong, lifesaving habits.


Your gift could help feed six families for six months. Your donation can help families who have been most affected by disease or disaster, specifically families with children under the age of five, people with medical conditions, and families who have lost income.


Effects of malnutrition, particularly during the first 1,000 day period (from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday) can have long lasting impacts on cognitive development, school attainment, lifelong productivity and earning potential of individuals. This nutrition package aims to tackle malnutrition by addressing behaviour change training for parents, providing a kitchen garden kit and deworming medicine and immunisations.


With ongoing school closures because of COVID-19, children haven’t been able to access books, and schools rarely have access to age-appropriate and culturally relevant books. Each kit is specifically developed to build a strong foundation for a love of reading while meeting cultural and academic needs.


Hand pump wells are urgently needed in many communities to provide safe drinking water for children and their families. Thanks to your gift, children may no longer have to make long, dangerous journeys on foot to collect water from unreliable, contaminated sources.


When you were growing up, did you aspire to be a doctor, a teacher or perhaps a scientist? This bundle represents gifts that could help a child achieve an education and brighter future. It includes a computer or tablet, a bicycle and school supplies for a student.


Just think of the impact you’ll have when you give students a safe, clean and engaging classroom where they can learn in a safe, protective environment. This is a gift that can help break the cycle of poverty for countless children. This is a great way to create a legacy of lasting change for an entire community.

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