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Right now, millions of children get sick or die each day because they do not have access to safe drinking water. Clean water can protect children from deadly and preventable diseases. One hand pump well can provide safe, life sustaining water every day for up to 15 families in rural Cambodia.

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Drinking water from a stream can be dangerous: the water is unclean and children are at risk of drowning. Before two hand-pumped wells were constructed in L’ak village, Cambodia, people had to travel nearly 2km on a difficult road to collect water from the stream. Now, even people living far from the village centre have access to safe water. Siva, a 14-year-old boy, who lives near the well told ChildFund staff: “I like the new pump-well so much. I can drink and clean myself whenever I want, I just go and pump the water. I used to walk a long way to get water from the stream and sometimes the bucket would fall and spill all of the water out before I got home.”

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