Where Does the Money Go?

ChildFund believes in transparency about how we spend your donations. When you select your Gifts for Good we send funds to our ChildFund partners overseas who use the money to provide the gift you have donated to children and families.


Real charity gifts that change lives

Each gift has been selected because the communities where ChildFund works have identified it as a critical need.

For example, in Cambodia, chickens have been identified as a sustainable source of income for families in rural areas. Farmers can sell the eggs or use them to feed their children. 

In Cambodia we have also identified mosquito nets as a life-saving malaria preventative. These nets are hung over cots, cribs and beds to protect children from malaria carrying mosquitoes and insect bites while they sleep. 

The same approach has been taken in the other countries where ChildFund Australia works throughout the Asia-Pacific region. When you donate one of our charity gifts, you change lives.


Your charity gift meets community priorities and needs

As every Gifts for Good gift is designed to support long-term development strategies, each gift is allocated based on a needs assessment. Needs assessments are conducted in collaboration with the community and community members and leaders themselves are involved in the decision as to who is most in need.