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Global Community is the first program in Australia to offer sponsors the opportunity to directly communicate with, and support a community in a developing country.

Every project supported by your donation as a sponsor is designed to deliver the greatest impact for the entire community. You will be supporting not just one, but all children within the community to tackle poverty in all its forms.

What’s more is that young people are the ones leading this change, and you can communicate directly with them through the Global Community website. Watch videos and community updates created by young leaders, and, if you wish, work with them online to help solve some of the issues facing children and young people within their community. You’ll meet the most amazing people!

By empowering young leaders and creating stronger connections between Australian sponsors, Global Community helps to build a bright future for children, their families and future generations.

How it works
Your sponsorship reaches the entire community, supporting projects that improve conditions for children and young people.
Youth Ambassadors from each community connect with sponsors via The Global Community website, sharing community news and information with you.
Learn together, through workshopping ideas and solutions to community based issues. Become a vital part of the community.

Why sponsor a community?

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a global community to change the world. Sponsoring a Global Community means that your donations will be used to deliver the greatest impact for the entire community.

Improving the life of communities improves children’s lives, so through community sponsorship you’ll make a bigger impact at tackling the root causes of poverty. Projects funded by sponsors like you will focus on four areas of community life:

Improving community health through clean water, toilets for schools and homes, and training in good hygiene practices.
Improving access to education for children by training teachers, improving school buildings and providing learning materials.
Building the voice and agency of children within the community, and strengthening the processes that protect them from violence and exploitation.
Providing better access to medical care, education about nutrition, and training for families in agriculture and livestock management.

Which communities can I sponsor?

Kayah, Myanmar

Only about 50% of Myanmar’s children make it to high school. Become a sponsor and support the community by training new teachers and providing school equipment for all students.

Nonghet, Laos

Between 1964 and 2008, nearly 400 people were injured and almost 200 people died from unexploded bombs in the Nonghet district. Support projects that clear unexploded bombs so that families can farm and children can play safely.

Central Province, Papua New Guinea

Around 75% of children in PNG live in homes where domestic violence has been reported. Sponsorship funds support projects that provide safe refuge for women and children, as well as counseling support for men, women and families.

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