Send a Child to School, Give Them a Future

When Khet Khet was born, her big sister dropped out of primary school to care for her, sacrificing her education and her childhood. Khet Khet’s greatest fear is that she too will be taken out of school.

Khet Khet is a young girl and she has a big dream. She wants to be a teacher and she knows it is only possible if she can get an education.

Sadly, the odds are stacked against her: In Myanmar, 1 in 4 children will not complete primary school and 1.6 million children who should be in school are working.

Slum families, like Khet Khet’s, are not officially registered as residents, so the children are not eligible to attend public schools. Even if they were, the cost of school fees, materials and lunch is more than many families can afford.

Luckily there are independent schools giving free lessons and school lunches to poor and orphaned children. However, at these schools, a shortage of funding, trained teachers and classrooms available to disadvantaged students has reached crisis point.

They aren’t coping with demand, but you can help change this.

Your generous donation can send children like Khet Khet

to school so they do not have to sacrifice their childhoods

No child should have to experience a lifetime of poverty and back-breaking labour.


Can Provide School Lunches so children do not sit in class hungry.


Can Help Build Classrooms that do not flood when it rains.


Can Help Train Teachers to deliver quality lessons to young minds.

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Over $2 are tax-deductible.

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