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Stories: Children, Communities, Futures

60 seconds with … Thandar

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in international aid? In this special series, we introduce you to our many dedicated staff members working behind the scenes and on the ground, in Australia and overseas.
We hope you enjoy meeting #TeamChildFund!


My name is Thandar.

I’m the Program Officer at ChildFund Myanmar.

My role involves creating good relationships with partner organisations to run projects. I also provide our partners with program support.

I’ve been at ChildFund since 2016.

Thandar is an excellent communicator and loves Myanmar street food.

My most inspiring moment at ChildFund has been seeing our team grow and improve in a short time. Together as a team, we’ve managed to overcome many challenges.

The things I love most about my job are working with children and helping to protect them.

When I was a child I wanted to be an air hostess because I wanted to look smart in the uniform.

The country I’d most like to visit is South Korea because I would like to try their traditional food and I like cold weather.

The top 3 things I’d take with me in an emergency would be my phone, money and laptop.

My favourite dish/cuisine or place to eat is Myanmar street food. Pork on stick is one of my favourites.

I’m really good at communicating.

I can’t live without challenges in my life because they drive me to keep active and improve myself.

I’m looking forward to a happy work environment with my colleagues.

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