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Seven life-changing gift ideas

Stuck for gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas? ChildFund’s Gifts for Good is full of life-changing gifts that will put a smile of the face of your loved one and help people in developing communities.

The highlight of this year’s catalogue is an Aussie icon that will make a major impact in developing communities in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. Internationally revered for its durability and reliability, the postie bike has been delivering joy to families for generations.

This year you can Post a Postie to Cambodia or Papua New Guinea, where it will deliver life-saving vaccines, malaria-fighting mosquito nets, clean water and other vital supplies to children and families in remote villages.

Posting a postie ($3,500) is the ultimate way to make a lasting impact across many communities and deliver joy for years to come.

Gifts for Good has something for everyone you are shopping for this Christmas, no matter what they are interested in. Here are six more highlights from this year’s catalogue.

Mini Library ($80)


Put a smile on the face of the bookworm in your family and unleash the imagination of children in developing communities

Who would like this: The bookworm in your family

Who will this help: Students in remote communities in Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos

How will this gift help: A mini library will unleash the imagination of children living in rural schools, which often have no learning materials. By providing a mini library you will be providing a much-needed creative outlet and help develop a life-long love of learning.

Find out more:  Mini Library

Three chickens ($22)


Amiya, age 4, from Ethiopia is very happy with her family’s chickens

Who will like this: Your favourite foodie

Who will this help: Children in the Philippines or Ethiopia

How will this gift help: These superfood-producing chickens are the gifts that keep on giving. Their hunger-busting eggs give children in The Philippines or Ethiopia a daily dose of essential nutrients and provide a steady stream of income for families in poor communities.

Find out more: Three Chickens

Nine fruit trees ($21)


Fruit from his family’s trees are a delicious food source for 12-year-old Muttdin in Ethiopia

Who will like this: Your enthusiastic green thumb

Who will this help: Children in Brazil, Mexico or Ethiopia

How will this gift help: These nine papaya, lemon, orange, tangerine, apple, pear or avocado seedlings will grow into reliable fruit trees producing a delicious source of vitamins for children in communities where food is often in short supply.

Find out more: Nine fruit trees

Sports gear ($38)


Santi, age 14, from Laos is having fun, staying fit and learning essential skills through rugby

Who will like this: Your sporting superstar (or superfan)

Who will this help: Children in Laos or Papua New Guinea

How will this gift help: This gift of two rugby, soccer or net balls, or sports shoes and a uniform encourages children in Laos or Papua New Guinea to give sports a go.

Find out more: Sports gear

Solar lamp ($42)


This solar lamp is helping make 12-year-old Lika from Cambodia safer and smarter

Who will like this: Your passionate environmentalist

Who will this help: Children in Cambodia

How will this gift help: This simple solar lamp will brighten a Cambodian child’s world. They can use it to see homework and walk safely to the toilet in the dark and they won’t have to rely on dangerous fires to see at night.

Find out more: Solar lamp

Parts & maintenance bundle ($128)


This kit provides some of the most essential parts for repairing and maintaining a postie bike

Who will like this: The person in your life who loves a project

Who will this help: Children in Cambodia or Papua New Guinea

How will this gift help: With two wheels to keep the bike safe on the road and nuts and bolts for essential repairs, it’s the starter-kit that motorbike mechanics in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia dream about.

Find out more: Parts & maintenance bundle

Visit our Gifts for Good page to see all 24 life-changing gifts you can purchase this year.

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