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Cassie paints picture of how to help children in need in Africa

When we arrive at the mall in Sydney’s northern beaches to meet young artist Cassandra Gee – better  known as CassieSwirls – she’s wearing a bright dress with multi-coloured dots and a pink skirt.

It’s apt for a little girl whose artwork is just as colourful and vibrant.

Her marbled acrylic paintings, which are complete with glitter and metallic swirls, are an expression of her feelings and one way she shares her generous and loving spirit.

The five-year-old kindy student is a keen fundraiser and, since she started painting at the age of three, has donated a proportion of the sales of her artworks to charity.

This February Cassie is donating $5 from every painting sold to ChildFund.

The money raised from her efforts will go to ChildFund’s Africa Food Crisis appeal, which is providing emergency food and water to children in Kenya impacted by the severe drought.

Mum Linda says it was important to teach Cassie to help those in need at an early age.

“It all began two years ago with her having a discussion one night about donating water bottles to kids who didn’t have water,” says mum Linda. “I thought about it and while that exact idea wasn’t practical, I knew a friend who built water tanks in Cambodia so I thought if Cassie wanted to provide clean water to children, this would be a perfect opportunity.

“After that first donation, I thought it would be a good thing to keep encouraging as she got older.”

Cassie Gee, 5, and her family are raising money to support ChildFund’s Africa Food Crisis appeal.

While it’s still early days for the young artist, Cassie has already established a big fan group on Instagram, where she has more than 8,000 followers.

She has sold about 300 paintings, which now adorn the walls of homes in Australia and overseas, but whether she walks down the artist path when she grows up is uncertain.

“She once said she wanted to be a doctor, but then she wanted to be an artist, then teacher … then it was a builder,” laughs Linda.

“I just know she’s a very giving and nurturing kind of person.”

Linda hopes Cassie’s effort will encourage other people to do what they can to help vulnerable children.

“Being mindful of other people and giving back, I think, is something you always need to bear in mind when you’re working and living life,” Linda says.

Fundraising provides you with a great way to help children who live in poverty by collectively making a donation with impact.

Learn how you can start your own fundraising activity to help children in need.

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