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ChildFund Honduras’ Guide Mothers program receives honourable mention for Best Innovation

ChildFund Honduras’ Guide Mothers program has received an honourable mention for Best Innovation. The award, jointly presented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the ALAS Foundation (founded by Colombian singer Shakira) recognises innovations and excellence in early childhood development programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ChildFund’s Guide Mothers program was cited for its commitment to children and for actively engaging families and communities in children’s development. The success of the program stems from the voluntary work done by local mothers who assist neighbouring families in their community.

Trained by ChildFund Honduras, the ‘guide mothers’ pay monthly home visits to provide guidance on children’s development, including communication and language, motor skills, cognitive and socio-emotional development appropriate for the child’s age group. Thanks to the efforts of 2,095 guide mothers in Honduras, more than 8,600 children under the age of six have benefited from this program.

More than 700 individuals and institutions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean submitted nominations for the ALAS-IDB award in the categories of Best Teacher, Best Publication, Best Innovation and Best Centre. The ALAS-IDB awards are the first of their kind in the region, honouring professionals and organisations that have made outstanding contributions to early childhood development.

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