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Last time you were here, you were looking to help vulnerable children and families. Your support can save and change lives.

Supporters raise $215,409 to help children living in Nonghet!

Early in 2012, ChildFund was just getting started with the first development programs in Nonghet District, Laos. There were plenty of problems to tackle.

Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in the world. There are unexploded bombs littering the countryside in Nonghet, which has compounded the impacts of poverty. There is limited arable land, leaving children without safe places, endangering both play and household chores.

Schools are extremely run down, resulting in poor attendance from children with very few learning aids to capture their imagination. Homes do not have toilets, meaning children just use the bush, putting them at risk of disease and fearful of accidentally setting off an unexploded bomb. Finding water for the family has been an on-going challenge for children; in the wet season streams are located near dangerous cliffs and, in the dry season, the nearest available water can be a couple of hours walk away. Farmers are restricted due to unexploded bombs limiting safe land to grow crops and raise animals. Food supplies are inadequate, and children lack the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Donations to the Children of Nonghet Appeal helped kick start initial programs aimed at making a difference for children and the Nonghet community. Since 2012, the team in Laos has been hard at work and conditions have already greatly improved for children in Nonghet.

Thanks to our incredible supporters, you have helped us achieve the following:

  • 6 local schools have been repaired and 26 new classrooms are under construction. Bright schoolbooks, globes and posters have arrived and children are now excited to go to school. There are now enough classrooms for everyone and the roof doesn’t let the rain in!
  • 5 community water tanks have been constructed, 163 households have had latrines installed and over 1,500 children have taken part in fun training sessions on hand washing and sanitary practices.
  • 3 local health centres have been repainted, repaired and provided with up to date medical supplies.
  • Local farmers have learnt which crops are best to grow and which livestock will thrive in the mountainous terrain.
  • 29 community members have also received veterinary training, which will help the farmers care effectively for their animals.

“I’m not afraid anymore. Before I had to walk far away to get water, and I was scared to go get it. Now that the water tank is close I get to take a shower with clean water more often.” Xai, 13 years old.

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