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Classrooms Going Global With ChildFund Connect

Our ChildFund Connect facilitators from Laos, Timor-Leste and Vietnam visited Australia last week to learn more about the schools they are linking with and meet some of the Australian children and teachers involved in the program. Here, Truong from Vietnam shares his impressions of visiting an Australian school.

What does a school in Australia look like? This was the question on my mind before I came to Australia. As my visit to Balgowlah North Public School drew closer, I was still a little nervous because I did not yet have my answer.

It was a really nice sunny day when we visited Balgowlah North. Our team was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students. I knew this was not out of the ordinary because Australians are friendly and a warm greeting is normal.

The most special part of the visit for me was that I got to play some games with the children. I taught them the ‘towel dropping’ game that Vietnamese children usually play. Then the children taught me netball, a typical sport played in Australian schools.

Now I am a lot clearer on the answer to my question about what an Australian school looks like. The students in Australia are really friendly, active and clever, and they are educated in a good environment.

It was a really good experience for me. Thanks to all the teachers and students at Balgowlah North Public School. I hope to come back and see you again.

Truong also wanted to share this video he put together of children in Vietnam who participated in the Our Day film.

Interested to know more?

Listen to a fascinating discussion about ChildFund Connect and education in Vietnam from this morning’s Life Matters program on ABC Radio National.

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