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Creating job opportunities for youth in Vietnam

Today, 28-year-old Quan has a secure, well-paying job as a welder in a factory. But finding decent work has not always been easy for him.

Growing up in a poor farming community in Vietnam’s mountainous Bac Kan Province, Quan’s parents found it difficult to support their seven children. This prompted Quan to join the army after graduating from high school, where he served for 18 months. After his service ended, Quan completed a three-month motorbike repair course as part of a state-led support scheme for former soldiers.

With his new skills, Quan thought finding a job would be easy. But he discovered many young people applying for the same positions as himself – and limited vacancies meant there were not enough jobs to go around. “I had no other choice but to go back home to help my parents with farming. It was quite hard for me at that time, as farming hardly produces enough for my family,” explains Quan.

To support young men and women like Quan, ChildFund Vietnam has developed the Pinpoint vocational training and job support program, which aims to provide youth with marketable skills and sustainable employment opportunities. Working closely with vocational institutions and local businesses requiring skilled workers, ChildFund is able to ‘pinpoint’, or match, trainees with new roles for apprenticeships once they complete their skills training.


ChildFund’s ‘Pinpoint’ program has helped young men like Quan (wearing hat) from poor, rural communities enhance their job prospects.

Working in collaboration with local Youth Unions, ChildFund helps young people to discover their strengths and interests, and understand labour market needs. Consultations are conducted so that individuals can choose training courses and apprenticeships in specific areas – including construction, welding, painting, carpentry, mechanics, and beauty.

By gaining technical skills, youth can reduce their dependence on farming. Having a stable income and job also reduces the social risks for youth.

For businesses there is an added benefit, explains Hung, HR Manager of the Thai Nguyen Construction Material Factory. He explains: “Businesses like us help the trainees during their apprenticeship in our factory. When we have openings, we can pick out new employees from the group of trainees. This is very cost effective as we don’t have to spend time and money advertising and recruiting for workers. We believe the youth training model that ChildFund has introduced is very effective.”

With the Pinpoint program having already assisted around 100 young people from Bac Kan, Hoa Binh and Cao Bang, the majority of those who have graduated, including Quan, are now engaged in full-time work.

“I am delighted about my job,” says Quan.”The company takes good care of the workers and they provide social insurance and work clothes. They also pay me on time, every month. I can cover my daily expenses and save the rest for my future. Thank you very much ChildFund, for helping me get a good, stable job.”

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