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A day of games, activities and health checks

Last week the ChildFund PNG team held a Children’s Day, which saw children from three villages come along to the local primary school for a day of games, activities and health checks. In PNG, we hold one Children’s Day per year in each community we work with – it just keeps getting bigger and better!

On this day, we had a very successful immunisation and health camp. Children aged from just a few months to five or six years came with their mothers and other caregivers in one of our best turnouts yet.

We immunised them, we measured their weight and height, and all their health records were updated. We do already carry out immunisation patrols in this area but because three villages were coming together for this event, it was a great opportunity to do something on a bigger scale.

We were able to purchase over 3,000 books, which we are distributing in 21 schools.

Two sets of solar panels and lights were handed over to the local aid post, along with a steriliser and solar panel and light for the labour ward at the district health centre. We also distributed 400 anti-malaria bed nets to the communities in the three villages.

At night, we had an awareness quiz involving five teams of children. They had to answer questions relating to health, water and sanitation, education, HIV and AIDS. It was a great way to raise awareness about these issues in a fun way and was very much appreciated by the whole community.

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