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Donations in Action – Goats, Uganda

Many farmers in Uganda rely solely on the sale of their crops and if erratic weather causes a poor harvest, they simply cannot provide for their families. ChildFund has worked with communities to help diversify their income sources and animal husbandry has proved to be a great success.

As part of the ChildFund Livelihoods Program, Peter was identified as one of the community members most in need of animal husbandry training and techniques. He was provided with male goats which are drought-tolerant, fast breeding and great milk producers.

These he-goats have been cross-bred with local goats which enables not only Peter, but the other members of the community to grow their livestock numbers and potential earnings. Goats are an amazing resource for impoverished families and malnourished children and Peter told us:

“Goat farming has enabled me to even pay school fees for my children better than I was doing before. Also the family enjoys milk, which has improved our nutrition”.

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