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Donations in Action – Household Wells

For many children living in the high mountainous terrain of Vietnam, access to clean water resources is limited. Drinking unsafe and dirty water can cause life-threatening diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera or typhoid.

The construction of household wells has made a real difference to the health of children, families and communities. Each well is deep, taps into clean, safe water sources and the concrete walls ensure that pollutants cannot seep in and contaminate the drinking water.

“The new well is very hygiene as it is very deep (6 metres), and concreted so that waste water can not absorb back. I found the water very clean. Also it provides enough water for my family to use for all daily activities such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Now my family no longer has to worry about water.”

– Beneficiary of Water and Sanitation Program, Bac Kan province, Vietnam

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