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Donations in Action – Malnutrition Sprinkles, Vietnam

Malnutrition can stunt growth and cause irreversible damage to children’s health. In many rural communes of northern Vietnam, one in three children under the age of five suffers from this devastating condition.

At just 16 months old, Tran was losing weight and healthy nutrition levels. ChildFund provided him with sprinkles of vitamin A, C and D3, iron, zinc and protein. Tran’s appetite grew, he quickly gained weight and his healthy improved. His mother, Ngan, is now very happy and she told us:

“I found these products very useful and necessary for my child. I wish that my child will be provided with such products as much as possible for his health”.

In conjunction with other ChildFund interventions such as improved health care services and education for child-carers, the provision of malnutrition sprinkles will help to improve the health of many children.

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