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Donations in Action – Water filters, Cambodia

The gift of a household water filter will help children access safe drinking water both at their home and in school, and help them avoid diarrhoea and other life-threatening waterborne illnesses.

“My family is very busy in farming work, so we drink water directly from the collected well. Sometimes, it causes my family and I have diarrhoea or dysentery. When my family members get sick, I spend a lot of time to cure the sickness, and I spend lots of money, too. Recently, ChildFund Cambodia starts working in my village and helps my village to understand about the water and sanitation in day to day living. After I received the water filter from ChildFund, I followed the technical instruction on how to use it by putting the filter pot into the water and keep it for one day. After that, I poured the water in the filter pot and filter the water out for five times. When the water was good I my family members to drink the water from the water filter without any being concerned about diarrhoea.”

– Yan

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