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This is what every child “must have” in 2018

At this time of year many lists of “must haves for 2018” will be stacked with the latest laptops, newest phones or soon-to-be-released technology you “can’t live without” (but definitely can).

In the real world, the “must haves” for 2018 are no different to the “must haves” for 2017 and every other year, for that matter.

The essentials that every child needs do not change from year to year but, unfortunately, they remain out of reach for too many children around the world, especially the most vulnerable.

You could break the internet trying to publish a list of everything a child needs, so these are just a few key things that ChildFund Australia believes every child must have in 2018.

Adequate healthcare and nutrition

Too many children are at a major disadvantage from their very earliest years. Many children are born in unsafe conditions, often at home with the only assistance coming from relatives or neighbours who do not have medical training or equipment.

Worldwide in 2016, 2.6 million children died in the first month of life, which equates to around 7,000 newborns each day.

For children to become healthy adults, they not only need to survive those vital first weeks, they need proper nutrition and caregivers who have the necessary resources and skills to provide their children with a healthy childhood.

With access to healthcare, and parents who have the tools and knowledge they need to raise healthy, resilient children, a child’s chance of survival improves dramatically.

Every child needs a quality education

A quality education

A lack of education can severely limit a child’s chances in life and can lock them and their families into a ongoing cycle of poverty.

In 2017, more than 600 million children around the world were not meeting the minimum standards for reading and mathematics, according to UNESCO. Almost two-thirds of these children were in school, stressing the importance of quality teaching.

Keeping children in education, and giving them access to a high-quality learning environment, is vital in ensuring  every child can reach their potential.

Rights and protection

Too many children live in communities where their basic human rights are ignored. This means many children globally continue to be vulnerable to forced labour, early marriage, trafficking and many other heartbreaking scenarios.

At least three out of every four children in the world have experienced violence, according to the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children.

Every child has the right to live without fear, in a safe, non-violent, protective and nurturing environment. And all young people should be given the opportunity to play an active role in society, and to have their views sought, valued and respected.

Without these essential rights, children cannot survive and thrive, and feel confident and hopeful about their future.

ChildFund’s 2018 must haves

Childhood has a deadline. It is a critical time where experience and conditions determine a child’s present, as well as their future.

Unfortunately, many children around the world do not have these “must haves”, which is why ChildFund works in partnership with children, their communities and local institutions to create lasting change, respond to humanitarian emergencies and promote children’s rights.

Please join us in 2018 to ensure that every child can survive and thrive.

Because every child needs a childhood.

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