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How lucky we are to be mums in Australia

As the communications manager at ChildFund Australia, I have the wonderful privilege of immersing myself in the many incredible and life-changing stories that come from the countries in which we work.

At times too, I must read heart-rending accounts of the difficulties so many children face in their everyday lives in so many developing countries around the world. These stories never get easier to digest or comprehend, and make me feel so lucky that an accident of birth has given both myself and my own children the joy of an Australian childhood.

One of our newest programs in Africa, though, has really made its mark on my consciousness. Our fantastic staff in Zambia are now in the process of implementing the Start Strong, Stay Strong initiative. The objectives are simple – to give mothers in rural communities a place where they can take the newest members of their family for regular check-ups.

Through the Start Strong, Stay Strong program, ChildFund will give Zambian families the reassurance that I have so often taken for granted – children will be monitored, life-saving immunisations will be administered, and mums will get the support they need.

Becoming a mother is exciting and frightening and wonderful and life-changing. The birth of your first child is also the day when worry becomes a constant feeling in your daily repertoire of human emotions. The least we can do for women in Zambia, and other countries around the world, is lessen those worries. Basic healthcare is the right of every mother and child, and we should support those who are most vulnerable.

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