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I would like to be a doctor or a famous singer!

Sue Myat is from a village 100km from Mandalay on an island in the Irrawaddy River. Her parents separated when she was six. She lived with her paternal grandparents until they sent her to this school two years ago so she could get a better education.

“I’m very happy here. I can learn many things. I wouldn’t get that opportunity in my village. I enjoy staying here with many friends. There are many opportunities for me.

“For example, I’ve learnt from previous students that if they pass matriculation exams [high school graduation exams] they can get scholarships to study in medical school.

“I’d like to be a doctor. At the same time I’d like to be a famous singer. There are events here that I like to sing at. I like all kinds of music.

“What I like most about the school is that we are really encouraged to participate in competitions and perform in events with other schools. Also we can use the library at any time. It has good lighting. In my village we have to use candles.

“Before arriving here, I’d never seen a computer. Now I know it’s very important to getting ahead in the 21st century. So I’m very happy to be learning computer skills and English.

“On the computer, I like browsing photos and making and managing files. I also like graphic design.

“There are a limited number of computers. We have to use one computer for two students and there is limited time. I’d like more computers and more time for computer training.

“I’d also like there to be more trees in the compound. In my village there are lots of trees.

“In my spare time I like singing, reading, writing, playing and looking out to the mountains (of Shan State).”

Read more about this ChildFund-supported monastic school, here.

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