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Improving the wellbeing of children in a Timor-Leste school

Bernadina lives in the Bobonaro district of Timor-Leste. With hopes to become a doctor in the future, she is benefitting from ChildFund-supported programs to improve the health and wellbeing of children at her school.

In Bernadina’s district, ChildFund Timor-Leste works with a local partner, Balibo ba Oin, to enhance hygiene practices, provide safe drinking water, develop local health clinics and early childhood development centres, and improve food production. Targeting development in schools is a key aspect of this.


How we’re improving sanitation and personal hygiene on school premises


ChildFund and Balibo ba Oin recently installed a water borehole and improved sanitation facilities on the grounds of Bernadina’s school. This has been incredibly important, as students and teachers now have ready access to clean running water for washing their hands and for watering the vegetables growing in their school’s garden.

“Now that the borehole is installed, we do not have to walk far to fetch water – we also now have toilets for both girls and boys, which we didn’t have before,” explains Bernadina.

Through ChildFund`s programs, Bernadina has also learnt the importance of having good health and hygiene habits. She now always washes her hands before meals, and after using the toilet.


Sanitation facilities provided by ChildFund Timor-Leste and Balibo ba Oin at Bernadina’s primary school.

How else are we supporting school development in Timor-Leste?


Antonio, Bernadina’s school principal, is very pleased with the assistance the school has received from ChildFund Timor-Leste and Balibo ba Oin. He advises that not only has his school received support in regards to water and sanitation, but they have also been provided with tables and chairs for students to use in the classroom. This is important, as he understands how proper facilities at school are crucial to improving children’s educational development and general wellbeing.

“To become educated, children need good teachers, libraries, tables and chairs, as well as access to clean water and decent sanitation facilities,” explains Principal Antonio.

It is clear that with the establishment of these facilities, Bernadina and her schoolmates now have a stronger foundation for healthy development.


How can you help bring teachers, supplies and clean water to children in need?


To continue funding these critical school development projects, we need your help. A rewarding way to support children’s health and education is to become a community sponsor.

Community sponsorship helps create a global community by assisting the development of a village in the countries where we work. Projects include training for teachers and healthcare workers, improving access to clean water, and providing schools with the supplies they need to deliver a quality education. You can learn more about how our community sponsorship program works here.

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