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Julie Goodwin in Uganda: meeting our sponsored child

Today is the day we have been waiting for – we are going to finally meet our sponsor child, Hamad.

The drive to the ChildFund centre in Hamad’s part of Kampala is not long. As the van pulls into the car park, drums begin to beat and by the time we are out of the car, a Ugandan song and dance is in full swing. It is spectacular.

After the show, a little boy appears in the doorway of the building with a bunch of flowers. It’s Hamad and he is gorgeous. He comes out into the yard and hands the flowers to me, and whispers something so quietly that I can’t hear it. His eyes are averted and he’s obviously very nervous. Although I want to hug the stuffing out of him I decide that it’s probably not the best move at the moment.

We go inside and meet the team from ChildFund. We are once again thanked profusely for being sponsors and enabling the work that they do. While this is going on Hamad and I have a whispered conversation where he tells me he is nervous and I tell him I am, too, but that we’ll have a great day together…

Read the full post about day 6 of Julie’s African Adventure on her blog – and watch her final video diary below.

Julie Goodwin meets her sponsor child Hamad in Uganda.

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