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Stories: Children, Communities, Futures

Nine-year-old Rebecca buys a farmyard

Buying a farmyard may seem an ambitious goal for anyone, but nine-year-old Rebecca has already ticked that off her list!

One of our youngest fundraisers to date, the young Queenslander recently decided she wanted to make a difference and help children living in poor communities. She loved the items she saw in ChildFund’s Gifts for Good catalogue and was inspired to start fundraising.

Rebecca set up an online fundraising page to collect donations and put the wheels in motion to organise a big bake sale. “A lot of people thought it was a good idea and helped me through,” she says. “We advertised through Facebook and put signs up around our neighbourhood to advertise the bake sale.”

Rebecca had selected one of the most expensive items in the Gifts for Good catalogue, a farmyard of animals to benefit a family in a poor rural community, and wanted to do everything possible to reach that goal.


Rebecca (pictured with her mum, Fiona) raised almost $1,000 for children in need through her big bake sale

“I wanted to help a child from a poor community,” she explains. “I thought I could accomplish that (the farmyard) and I thought it would be very helpful for a community.”

With the support of her family, friends and some local businesses, Rebecca raised a total of $937, exceeding her fundraising target by a whopping $200. With extra funds up her sleeve, Rebecca not only bought the farmyard for a family in need, she also bought school supplies for a child to continue their education, and mosquito nets to protect children in malaria-affected countries.

So what top tips does Rebecca have for other aspiring fundraisers? “Tell as many people as you can and try your hardest.”

Special thanks to Jacobs Bakery in Bridgeman Downs, IGA in McDowell, Spar in Bridgeman Downs, Mum, Hudson, Dad, Grant, Grandma, Nana and Ms Meiklejohn for supporting Rebecca in her fundraising efforts.

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